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How to Make New Friends

By Itzmealie @ideasonclick

how to make friendsBeing friendly with people is such a nice thing and makes your happy. Once your are happy you will see the positive change and success in your life. Here are some tips to be friendly with other people weather you know them or they are strangers to you.

  1. Try to smile even for strangers. It makes you more approachable for others and a first step towards being friendly.
  2. Try to be in an open body language and be positive.
  3. Don’t be rude or insulting to someone, it will remove the names from your friend list.
  4. While talking with someone, make an eye contact to feel others comfortable and be polite even with strangers.
  5. Love yourself, look into the mirror and love your appearance, so others will like you.
  6. Whenever you say “Hello” or “Hi” to someone, try to use their names. i.e. Hi Nedege, Hello Tom. This is more comfortable and friendly.
  7. Try to say hello, to strangers even in a waiting area or plane. Don’t be stuck in your phone or computer. It shows that you are open to chat with others.
  8. Share your any silly mistake or family stories with others to feel that the closeness and your friendly behavior. Never disclose your problems with anyone who cannot resolve it, otherwise it will be spread out.
  9. Try to pass a good compliment about any quality, just think quickly and give at right time. So others will think that you are a nice personality and a very friendly.
  10. Ask about their hobbies, favorites’, school or work, to show your real interest in others.
  11. Never be shy, give smile to others, love yourself and don’t be ashamed of yourself.
  12. Be careful before telling a joke which is funny for you, may be its not for others.
  13. Always discuss positive topics in your discussions and avoid negative things.
  14. Give invitations to others for party or get to gathers and accept from others, it increases your social and friends circle.
  15. If you are having trouble to be friendly, start practicing of being friendly with the people you don’t like or you behaved coldly.
  16. Try to make friends of your age, weather you are in college, work or any place. It helps in hanging out with your friends. 

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