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How to Make Money Online With Your Blog

Posted on the 13 May 2021 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo
Are you like the many out there thinking blogs are just for fun, and have no substance at all when it comes to making a living?

Well, guess again. Blogs have actually become such a performance marketing niche nowadays, for making some good money for yourself and earning while you post around your niche.
When you want to use your blog as a form of income, you will need to select a niche that appeals to you and your passions.

A budding marketer will know that doing some research first and foremost, is very important.

Especially, when you want to hit the trends before they get going.

A current popular niche in the market today is betting and sourcing the new promising sites that enter the market.

Make sure to check out, to see how the new betting market affiliates work their niche.
For more information regarding a plan of action when creating your own blog, continue reading, to know exactly how to get your blog off the ground.

Create your own website

This is obviously the first idea that you should start off with.

You can always start off with a free domain, through WordPress, Medium or Blogger, but something definitely hits nicer when you have your own site customized with your own unique URL.

Remember, customization should be clear, simple and compelling towards the brand identity you want to create.

WordPress is great for offering you multiple themes that you access and use to make your design come to life.
Choosing your niche shouldn't come lightly, you should definitely complete some thorough research beforehand, and get a good vision of what you want.

Choosing your niche

How do you go about this, you ask?

Well, a simple google search at other blogs, would be the first way to do it.

However, you can step that up a little bit further by researching the upcoming keywords that have promising traffic-but not too much, that you can get in on it with your own blog!

The auto-complete is a way of discovering the demand for something, as you know people are searching for it.

Google keyword planner is a free way of how to do that, and all you need to do is watch a couple of YouTube tutorials to know how to narrow your search filter down.

The keyword planner will allow you to figure out what keywords you should up the density on within your blog, and ultimately make your niche relevant around it.
P.S don't forget to link your niche to something you enjoy though, as this will be a goal you will be in for the long term, especially if you are envisioning a sustainable income from it in the future.

Once the foundation of your blog has been set up, you will need to increase the traffic coming in and out of there, consistently.

Increase traffic to your blog

A way you can do that, is by firstly implementing social media to your blog.

The best platform that would reflect you and your brand today, is LinkedIn.

So, by sharing your blog posts and actively harmonizing your LinkedIn posts around them, you have a great chance of reaching a wider audience, reach and ultimately leads.

LinkedIn is seen as a professional way to elevate your business by social media standards.

Paid advertisements is something you can further consider too, via Facebook and Instagram.

The great thing about these is that you can have a degree of control on the location specifics and where you want your sales funnel to apply.
Don't forget you can use social media to connect with other bloggers too, via guest blogging, and simply sharing backlinks towards your blog, to increase authenticity in Google's search engine eyes.

Now comes the most important question, how do you go about making money from your blog? Well, once you have collated that large traffic towards your site consistently, you have data that you can use to support your approach to a possible affiliate relationship.

Making money from your blog

If you are into fashion for example, affiliates like Topshop, Missguided etc. are great names to seek out.

In doing so, you can then make a certain percentage of commission, for every lead of purchase from your blog.
Relationships with affiliates can further progress via other routes, if affiliate links on your blog perform well.

Brands may reach out to you, to review their products more specifically and expand their working marketing relationship with you.

In summary: Can you make money from your blog?

The answer is yes!

We are hoping after reading our plan of action for creating your blog, you will see how easy it actually is, to make your blog thrive, and attract the marketing relationships you really deserve.

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