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Crystal China Beads – Cheap Imitate Swarovski Beads

By Cnbeads

crystal China beads – cheap imitate swarovski beads

cut crystal china beads

Among the jewelry beads market, many jewelry designers like the swarovski beads, because the swarovski beads are very charming and shining for the cut. However, the cost of the swarovski beads are very costly. Many people will prefer a cheaper beads similar as swarovski beads. So, the Chinese crystal beads now are getting popular day by day since 2003. Crystal china beads can be cut in variety of shapes, sizes, very shining and charming similar as swarovski beads, however, price much cheaper than Swarovski beads. 
"You make many sizes, colors, shapes, quality of Chinese crystal beads, can tell us how to order crystal China beads from your factory easily? " John from a beads import company in Mexico asked us.If you are looking for Chinese crystal beads, or like to order cheap imitate Swarovski beads, below tips may help you. 

crystal China beads – cheap imitate swarovski beads

Chinese cut triangle China beads

Sizes of the crystal china beads - Chinese crystal beads can be made from 2mm - 30 mm, or larger. So, before you order china crystal beads, you can decide what sizes need. 
Colors of the crystal china beads - There are more than 40 different glass rods to make the Chinese crystal beads, besides these colors, China beads factory can also make full plated China crystal beads, half plated crystal beads, edge plated crystal beads, middle plated crystal beads. 
Shapes of the Crystal China beads - Besides the popular sizes China beads factory make every day, such as plain round crystal beads, faceted round crystal beads, bicone crystal beads, drop crystal beads, square crystal beads, rondelle crystal beads, heart crystal beads...beads factory also make some special shapes crystal beads, such as animal crystal beads, leaf crystal beads...
Quality of the Crystal China beads - Among the faceted round and bicone crystal beads, China beads factory make A Grade, AB Grade, and B Grade. 

crystal China beads – cheap imitate swarovski beads

flat round millefiori crystal china beads

Further more, from 2008 year, China beads factory make some new Chinese crystal beads - such as millefiori crystal beads, lampwork crystal beads. These new crystal china beads not only like the cut crystal beads, but also like the millefiori beads or lampwork beads. 

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