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How to Make It to EA?

Posted on the 05 February 2014 by Zirshylock
Hello fellow affiliate,
This post is one that I have been considering for a while based on questions from people who have an interest in building an online business but who lacked confidence in themselves to commit to getting started. The various questions that folks have are valid ones, but it was apparent that there was an underlying issue that needed to be addressed.
The most immediate concerns voiced by members related to how one becomes an SFI Executive Affiliate (EA) and hold the EA2 status. One of the most valuable things I learned was the importance of getting started and seeing small successes quickly.  This post will cover that issue in detail.
Becoming an executive and establishing a profitable online business has a lot to do with being able to stay consistent in daily actions. The steps for success have already been established for you through SFI training. As a matter of fact, the steps are simple enough to repeat on a daily basis. There are many benefits to being an executive affiliate. Once you get in the habit of achieving your daily goals, successful habits begin to multiply.
Phase 1
Let’s take a look at the easiest way to become an executive affiliate as the first step. Begin the process by being your own loyal customer. Purchase your favorite goods and services through the website. Enjoy the convenience and savings of shopping online. Take advantage of the daily deals. Review the auction center to find excellent products at super savings. Tens of thousands of products are available for you with hundreds of new ones added to the online marketplace each day.
Since each product has a versa point (VP) value, you can track your points as you purchase or make sales through the. Accumulate 1,500 VP or more to reach the executive affiliate level. Transfer your buying habits through your own store and you’ll see how quickly and easily it is to accumulate the necessary level of VP to qualify as an executive affiliate each month.
SFI has no purchasing requirements. There is no requirement to purchase anything from your own store. Consider that many of the products you are now purchasing outside of your own store each month helps to finance someone else’s lifestyle. Gain executive affiliate benefits by redirecting your purchasing power through your own store at triple clicks each month.
Phase 2
The next step to building your business should come after you are confident in the consistent practice of Phase 1. Once you are experienced in buying from your own store, refer customers to your business website. This second phase may take a little longer to acquire the necessary points for qualifying as executive affiliate if you initially focus solely on building a retail business. There should be no issue with qualifying each month if you are taking advantage of the benefits of buying from your TripleClicks store.
Promote the shopping experience. Demonstrate the ease of searching and selecting items on the website. Take part in the options and demonstrate to potential customers the various options available at your store. Customers will enjoy the same convenience and savings when they shop in your TripleClicks store. Remember, a customer is defined as a buyer who is neither affiliated with SFI, nor residing at your home. SFI offers a variety of training options to help maximize your sales and marketing efforts.
I cannot overstate the value of personally shopping from your own store. Not only do you experience the savings, you are able to recommend the products and the buying experience to others with integrity. As you begin to accumulate more Versa points through online sales, you will begin to understand the real power behind this dynamic retail concept.
The importance of accumulating VP
 VersaPoints is similar to coupons and even store Club Card incentives. This program offers affiliates a chance to earn rewards for consistent action. Specific points are awarded to affiliates whether it is for making purchases from your own store or studying the appropriate online materials that help you build your business. Helping people to succeed at small victories is a core principle of SFI.
Affiliates can gain points by logging into their LaunchPad and following through on the daily tasks. Additional versa points can be awarded to affiliates for promoting auctions, purchasing their favorite monthly items at the website or by building a loyal online retail customer base.
Phase 3
Your business will become larger and more profitable as you become more skilled at promoting the concepts around this unique method of online marketing. There are several strategies that can help you to achieve your monthly VP to continue qualifying as an executive affiliate. Through a combination of personal shopping, online auctions and customer sales, you can effortlessly reach your desired level with remarkably little difficulty.
The next logical step in your business growth will be to become a leader and teacher. As you expose the unique retail concept to others, there will be those who see the potential inherent in running their own online store. These individuals will want to enjoy the convenience and savings of purchasing as a customer; they will have a strong desire to build a business of their own. You can introduce them to the core concepts of SFI and get them started. Plug them into the system to make it easy for them to replicate your success.
You can build a team of businesses with the help of SFI. The company will reward you through various leadership perks as you help others develop their businesses. Help your teammates to develop their personal shopping habits at the start. Guide them through the procedure of accumulating VP so they may qualify each month for executive affiliate status. As your associates begin to duplicate your success through accumulating action versa points, they will see how easy it is to succeed in this business.
At SFI, everyone has an opportunity to reach their personal best and live up to their potential. SFI and represent a unique opportunity for many people to enhance their lifestyle by helping others do the same. SF I leadership offers unlimited possibilities for anyone seeking a challenge with a healthy dose of financial and personal growth. Don’t wait to get started, join the SSI team and let me help you to succeed in your online business.
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