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E365 Contest: The Entrepreneur Challenge The E365, Or The...

Posted on the 20 February 2014 by Zirshylock
E365 Contest: The Entrepreneur Challenge The E365, or the...E365 Contest: The Entrepreneur Challenge
 The E365, or the Entrepreneur Challenge, is a contest based on VP points that you are automatically entered into when you join SFI. You are competing against everyone else who signed up on the same day.
The first five rounds last six days each. This is your first 30 days at SFI. The idea is to stay above the green line. The green line is the median number of points of everyone in your class that is still in the contest. 
If you get on the FastTrack and get your VP points every day, you will stay above the green line with no problem. For each round you advance, you get a prize. 
If you make it to round six, you are eligible for daily drawings for MRPs, TCredits, CSAs, and cash. (All you need to do is get your 10 VP for the day to be entered.) You will be eligible for 335 days, until the end of your first year.
If you become the E365 Champion for your class, you will be eligible every day for the next year, too. You get a cool plaque to hang on your wall, and you get bragging rights with your name and picture in the E365 Hall of Fame
More importantly, though, you get recognized for the hard work you did to build up your SFI business.  It's a great incentive to succeed at SFI!   JOIN MY TEAM

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