How To Make Hair Extensions Soft Again?

Posted on the 06 January 2020 by Kriyya
Hair extensions are a worthwhile investment. It will give you beautiful, plump long hair in a few hours and low maintenance costs. Unfortunately, over time, your wig will become dry and frizzy. Just like your own hair, hair extensions inevitably fall off and tangle. Don't worry, understand the cause of hair tangles, and your wig will be soft again after proper care.
How To Make Hair Extensions Soft Again?
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How To Make Hair Extensions Soft Again?
Why Are Hair Extensions Dry And Tangled?
Bad hair extension
Lack of natural oils
Often exposed to the sun
Overuse of heating tools
Exposure to chlorine
How To Make Hair Extensions Soft Again?
How To Make Hair Extensions Soft Again?
After understanding why hair extensions become dry and tangled, there are steps you need to take to make your wig soft again.
1. When combing the wig, it is best to use a wide-tooth comb to comb from bottom to top. Not only does it remove tangles more effectively, it also protects hair from tearing and damage.
2. Pair with appropriate shampoo products. Make sure you use products specifically designed for hair extensions that contain high-quality ingredients.
3. Wash the wig properly. Add a mild shampoo in cold water, then get your hair into it and rinse thoroughly.
4. Naturally dry wigs. Dry excess hair with a towel to dry out excess water. Do not expose to the sun or blow dry with a hair dryer.
4. Protect wigs while sleeping. Never use wet hair to sleep, it is best to wrap it before bed to prevent tangling.

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