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How To Make DIY Almond & Mint Facial Scrub

By Organiclassie @OrganicLassie

Almond Mint Facial Scrub

You might remember that I posted about homemade Mint Tea a while back. Once I had finished drinking the contents of my mug I had some left over. So what was I to do? Drink it? Nope, too obvious! Instead, I used it to make myself a new facial scrub containing almonds and honey. Here’s how to make this easy peasy and rather yummy scub…


Pop your dry ingredients into a jar then mix in your wet ingredients. If you’re vegan, miss out the honey. If you want to make more, up the ratios and vice versa.


  • Soft, smooth, silky and sweet smelling skin!


  • WARNING!!! This scrub is edible… It’s incredibly yummy and you have to actually leave some to exfoliate your face with! Yum. Yum.

Have you ever tried almond or mint on your face? What’s your favourite DIY scrub? If you try this let me know how you get on!

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