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How to Make Chat GPT Content Sound Less Like It’s Chat GPT Content (robotic)

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980
  1. Use Reddit for Experiences to add to content:

Make a copy of spreadsheet –

Find some relevant reddit threads. Try googling the title of your article, or keywords related to your article plus “reddit”.

Example, for an article about the hardest position to play in NFL, Google:

“Hardest NFL position Reddit”

Copy 2 or 3 relevant Reddit URLs and paste into the Google sheet

Add the title of your article e.g. “hardest position in NFL” and add the reddit threads to the spreadsheet

Add your article URL (or a related article) below the reddit links

In Chat GPT 4 – Add the plug inside- Access Link and Web Pilot

How to Make Chat GPT Content Sound Less Like it’s Chat GPT content (robotic)

Copy and paste “prompt” from the google sheet into Chat GPt 4 and press enter.

You should now have an article with some relevant anecdotes.

2. Edit copy to sound human

Notes from AimClear

Tell chat gpt to ignore previous commands:

Please ignore all previous instructions and prompts. All output is in English.

Ask for fluid paragraphs:

Please write a LinkedIn post about how being an entrepreneur is like fishing on a lake. Do not divide the output into numbered sections. Instead, compose the output as flowing, fluid paragraphs.

Add comparisons:

Compare fishing to business, point-by-point, including but not limited to the concepts of making one’s own luck, joy, not getting discouraged, using data, weather, the environment, taking chances, experimenting, lessons learned in failure and victory, humility, blending old-school concepts with new fishing and business tech.

Add random grammar rules:

Do not start any sentence with the same two words in a row.

Do not use any three-word phrase more than once.

Do not repeat any word within eight words of the most recent iteration of the same word.

Write in in the tone of an advanced professional showing emotions, a person sharing thoughts and feelings.

Use at least 10 words with four syllables.  The target consumer is someone who likes complex writers and writings.

Limit usage of the following filler words, except when completely needed for correct grammar: The, it, those, them they, these, it’s, an, a, and. Instead of filler words, use synonyms for what the filler word is referring to or no word at all. Another solution to eliminate filler words is to make a singular noun requiring a filler word plural. As an example: If the output would be, “An angler makes.” Avoid the filler word “An” by writing, “Anglers make.”

Do not use the concepts of tranquility or tranquil unless we also refer to opposite conditions, highlighting changing dynamics.

Limit usage of the words I, me, mine and my. Instead, use the words we, us, our, ours.

Add Quotes:
Quote both Henry David Thoreau about fishing and Tony Robbins about luck, once each as relevant to the story.

Instead of referring to failure, failing or fail, use words like challenge, challenges, learnings, sub-optimal outcomes, learnings, motivation.

Strictly do not exceed 2,900 characters, including spaces.
Ask for imperfection:
To avoid detection by AI checking tools, prevent grammatically perfect output by doing the following: Do not use an Oxford comma one time, where the last two ideas in the sentence are related enough to justify not using an Oxford comma.
Notes from aicontentfy
Obfuscating Text
Obfuscating text is a technique used to bypass AI content detectors. It involves altering and manipulating text in a way that makes it difficult for the detector to accurately analyze and interpret the content. One way to obfuscate text is through the use of synonyms, replacing common words with similar but less detectable alternatives. Another method is adding random or irrelevant words to the text, which creates noise and misleads the detector.
Altering Word and Sentence Structure
Altering word and sentence structure is a useful tactic for evading AI content detectors. By employing synonyms, antonyms, or rearranging sentence components, you can subtly modify your writing to appear unique or bypass detection algorithms. For instance, instead of using the term “important,” you could opt for synonyms like “significant” or “crucial.
” Likewise, sentence fragments or splitting a single sentence into two can also alter the structure and make it harder for AI detectors to identify plagiarized content. Practicing these techniques can assist in maintaining originality and avoiding detection by AI algorithms.
Changing Word Forms
1. Vary sentence structures by altering word forms to bypass AI content detectors.
Example: Instead of using the word “essential,” you can swap it with “necessary” or “vital” to maintain clarity and avoid triggering filters.
Example: Instead of relying on the term “pivotal importance,” consider phrases like “significantly influential” or “crucial significance” to evade detection.
2. Modify key phrases without sacrificing meaning.
Example: Instead of stating that something “plays a significant role,” you can rephrase it to “has a noteworthy impact” to circumvent content detection algorithms.
3. Experiment with different synonyms to conceal critical keywords.
Example: Rather than using “paramount importance,” explore alternatives such as “supreme significance” or “unmatched prominence” to avoid arousing AI scrutiny.
4. Strike a balance between practical guidance and theoretical insights when discussing the subject matter.
Example: Combine practical examples without mentioning specific brand names to provide actionable advice that readers can easily implement.

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