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How To Make Active Living Work

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom

I have been consistently working out since 2005. The focus has moved from seeing a certain weight on the weighing scale, to overall health and well being. Over the years, I have picked a few things like carrying a NEW Pure Protein Plus bar and a bottle of water in my bag, which I know have helped me maintain overall well-being. I believe these simple tips, would be beneficial to a lot of you as well:

1. Sign up for a workout class and put it on your calendar -

Group exercises are a good way to motivate yourself to workout. If you have a hard time pushing yourself, this would help you. Once you sign up for a class chances of you sticking with that appointment are higher than an unscheduled workout which you hope to get in during a busy day.

2. Carry a snack (or a bar) in your bag while on the go -

This small proactive action has been a game changer for me. Always carry a snack with yourself for those in between meal cravings or hunger pangs. Lately I have been carrying the NEW Pure Protein Plus bars. I really like them because they are high in protein (which keep you full for longer) and have no artificial sweeteners while maintaining a good taste. Make sure that you enter to win this sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes to help #KeepOnTrack! And when you shop Walmart for Pure Protein Plus Bars, be sure to use Ibotta to earn $1.50 back.

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3. Shut down all technology and television by 9PM -

I have been incorporating this in my lifestyle for the past year and it has made such a difference in the energy levels and the overall productivity. This gives me time to get a little reading and meditation in before the bedtime.

4. Drink 8 bottles of 500ml water -

Personally, having an assigned number of bottles to get through in the day keeps me more accountable towards my water intake, than just a total number of liters I need to drink. Another rule I follow is, if someone offers, never say no to water and always choose water when given a choice of beverages.

5. Plan meals for the whole week in advance -

If you have been following me on Snapchat, you know I try and cook twice a week. I plan my meals over the weekend, do my groceries on Sunday (or Monday) and cook twice during the week. Having a plan helps to make more nutritious choices on daily basis.

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How To Make Active Living Work

How To Make Active Living Work

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