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How To Make a Textile Necklace

By Lucy @TheThingsWeDO3

This year a got a wonderful New Year present from my friend – a textile necklace of bright yellow color that looks like noodles.
It can be worn as a scarf or a headband and looks absolutely stunning and very fresh.

I think it`s time to share the knowledge and show you how to make a noodle textile necklace ( or scarf if you like) at home in no time.

How To Make a Textile Necklace


- fabric of nice color
- sewing machine
- thread, needle, pins
- scissors
- ruler or tape-measure
- textile marker

Step 1. Cut out a rectangle from your piece of fabric.  The length should be  47″ (120 cm) and width 19” (50 cm).

Step 2. Fold your fabric in half length wise, with the right sides facing each other inside. Line up the edges of the fabric and pin the shorter sides together.

How To Make a Textile Necklace


Step 3.  Zigzag together the pinned sides, remove the pins.

How To Make a Textile Necklace


Step 4. Fold the rectangle at the seam side and stretch it on the floor. Cut a 1″ wide stripe from the folded side of the scarf  (opposide to the one with the seam). Stop cutting  1,5″  before the seam. After that cut the whole rectangle into 1″ wide stripes.

Step 4


Step 5.  Now turn the necklace right side out and stretch out every stripe to make it roll and look like a noodle.

How To Make a Textile Necklace


Step 6. Take the necklace at the side with the seam and roll it as a tube. Fix the tube with the safety pin or tie a ribbon around it.

How To Make a Textile Necklace


Now you`re all done!

How To Make a Textile Necklace


Here is how I prefer to wear my noodles textile necklace – wrapped three times around my neck. But there are thousand other ways to wear it which can be limited by your imagination solely. Among the most popular ones are the single and double loop, single loop with the rest of the necklace tied in the knot at the front.


How To Make a Textile Necklace

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

Stay tuned for more interesting craft ideas and easy makeover tutorials.


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