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How to Make a Room Appear More Spacious

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Unless you live in a palace, space at home can sometimes feel like a desirable yet unattainable dream. But it’s important to remember that space is relative and you can always work the space to make it work for you. Below are a few tips on making a room appear more spacious, so see what you can do to cheat your home into feeling more luxurious.
How to Make a Room Appear More Spacious

Light up the Room

Lighting is everything when it comes to illusion. Find ways to make light filter into the room whenever you can and the room will feel naturally bigger. If you’re worried about heat during the day, there are a number of shade and blind options that can cut out direct sunlight without removing the ambient light. Visit this website to see what window cover experts like Stylewise Security have available for your home.

Choose Furniture Wisely

The seven-seater couch on special may seem like the most comfortable one in the store and you may think you can justify its purchase by remembering that one gathering at your place where two people had to sit on the floor. But too-large furniture is the most common mistake people make when filling their home. Not only will it actually take up most of the space, but it will make the room feel so full that it won’t be relaxing for you. Opt for something a little smaller and more manoeuvrable.

Rug Up

A simple rug can make all the difference in a room. If you choose a rug that sits in the center of the space with plenty of room around it, it will make the room appear larger. A big rug that touches – or nearly touches – all sides of the room will make the room seem smaller by comparison. So opt for a token rug to draw attention to the spaces not covered.

If the Walls Could Talk

How you choose to decorate your walls can make or break the perceived spaciousness of the room. A series of images can look cluttered and cramped, and can affect the feeling of the whole space. Instead, opt for a single, larger piece of artwork and give it plenty of surrounding space. Much like the rug, a single piece of artwork will draw the eye not only to itself, but also to the space around it, and this is what gives the effect of greater space.

Move out of the Way

By placing furniture at the edge of the space, your room will feel less crowded. The same goes for the many random objects crowding the space. Get rid of the extra bits and pieces lying around. You will have more space to move through and your eyes won’t absorb the objects in the room – they will be absorbing the space around the objects. By moving things out of sight, you are focusing people’s visuals more pointedly on what’s not to be seen – the additional space.
Is your home a visual illusion of space? Share your tips in the comments below to help other home
owners achieve that sneakily spacious feeling.
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