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How to Make a DIY Cat Wall Tree | Easy Best1x DIY Project

By Lucifer Bui

Winter is almost over and you cat must be in love with the sunshine and want to sit basking under the warmth of the sun all day long! Here is a smart idea to make them bask the sun as well as make them work out a little. The cat wall tree is an easy DIY project that you can take up on any lazy afternoon. You will need no major equipment and the entire thing will be done within an hour at the most. The result will be a beauty to watch and a wonderful addition to your home décor.

So how to make a cat wall tree at your home?

How to make a DIY Cat Wall Tree | Easy Best1x DIY Project

The steps are easy and simple to follow. The video at the end will clear any doubt you might have or give any inspiration that you might need. You are always free to make the necessary changes as you deem fit to make this an even better project! Do check out the ' tips and tricks ' at the end for some additional ideas and knowledge.

DIY cat wall tree requirements

  • Shelves with wall brackets
  • Level
  • Hand drilling machine
  • Screw driver
  • Screws
  • Pencil
  • Black market (non-toxic)
  • Start by taking three shelves that you will hang on the wall. Place them on the wall and hold them in place while using the pencil to mark the position of the shelves.
  • Now draw a tree on the wall with the pencil such that the tree does between the shelves. Check out the video for a cool way to do this that will look beautiful too.
  • Once you are done drawing with pencil use the level to place the wall brackets for the shelves on the wall and mark the places where the screws will go in the wall.
  • Drill the holes for the screws.
  • Now carry on with drawing the tree and use the black non-toxic marker to complete the tree and its detailing. Add leaves to the tree branches and around the shelves.
  • Once you have finished drawing with the marker, erase the pencil marks and clean off the wall.
  • Now fix the brackets to the wall securely with the help of the screw. Once done, fix the shelves by screwing them on the brackets.
  • Your cat wall tree is ready to be tested by your feline friends!

Tips and Tricks

While making the cat wall tree you need to make sure that there are no small parts left that the cat can chew or swallow. It is important to remove anything that you find your cats are chewing or trying to bite that can harm them. You also need to use non-toxic markers only keeping in mind the health of the cats. While drawing the tree you can get a little creative and use markers of different colors if you wish to, to make it look more natural. However, most wall paintings look best in monochrome, and thus this remains entirely your choice.


Making a cat wall tree is no big deal and you can easily make a high place for your cats to rest which are safe and exclusively meant for them. Cats love these places and you get to rest assured that none of your household items are topping down from the top of the shelves.

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