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How To Lose Weight – Take Your First Tiny Steps Today!.

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Weight Loss Is Not Complex

Firstly, do not let anyone convince you that losing weight is anything but a very simple and attainable process. The biggest challenges you are going to face are a lack of support from your peers, family and friends, and a wave of worthless and false advice coming in from all directions.

The weight loss equation is a simple one: burn more energy (calories if you please) than you consume and you will lose weight. Over the years many studies have concluded that it matters not the diet plan you adopt or the type of exercise you do. Two simple facts remain – you need to eat less food and exercise more.

How To Lose Weight – Take Your First Tiny Steps Today!.

This simple and effective approach to weight loss is constantly clouded by the weight loss industry who are forever trying to convince us that we need to follow very specific diet rules or exercise plans to lose weight and get fit. This is not really the case. However, that being said, some fitness and weight loss plans really do provide a very watertight system to help you to lose weight.

One Simple Rule – Don Not Give Up!

To lose weight you really do not need to remember any rules other than this one – never give up. Weight loss and fitness do not come overnight. In fact, if you have not exercised in years, or decades even, and have been overweight for an equally long period, it can take many months or even years to really lose weight. But every day that you make an effort to change your lifestyle you are moving one step closer to being a healthy weight again.

Lifestyle Changes Not Crash Diet

And this leads us to the final point – to lose weight and get fit you need to make permanent lifestyle changes. There are no short-term fixes for a problem that has resulted from a lifetime of poor management. If you are overweight now then everything you have been doing, or not doing, has contributed to your current condition. The food you eat, the way you live, the way you travel, the way you spend your free time – all contribute to your health, your fitness and your weight.

And this is where it is often better to take weight loss into your own hands. If you

How To Lose Weight – Take Your First Tiny Steps Today!.
follow a crash diet for a month you do not learn how to manage your weight. You simply follow instructions and then after a month stop following those instructions and revert to your previous state. If you take smaller steps, modifying the way you eat, increasing daily activity, making an effort to do more exercise, then in time you will learn what works for you and you will become empowered.

You can start getting fit and losing weight today. Information and support are freely available on where you can learn how to lose weight and read up on healthy diets too. Take your first tiny step today and maybe next year you will have the body you have been dreaming of.

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