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How to Look Professional When You Are Young (Video)

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

professional when youngI received a blog comment from a reader looking for tips on how to look professional when you are young.  This reader, in her 20′s is moving ahead quickly in her career and, while she has the means for nice clothes, she also has expenses that most young professional women have, including college loan expenses, wedding costs, etc.  This reader also identified that when she tries to dress in more mature styles she just looks like she is wearing her mom’s work wardrobe.

Having dealt with this with many of my own young and successful clients, I answered this reader’s question via video which you can watch here.

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Given my tips in the video, here is some further reading to help.

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Also, if you are a young professional who thinks that getting clothes custom made is out of your budget range, be sure to check out our Fab Find, Carrie Hammer, who makes custom dresses at an affordable price.  Lastly, I touched on the topic of dressing professionally when you are young on the podcast show My Crazy Office,  to listen to the podcast, click here.

How to Look Professional When You Are Young (Video)
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