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How To Look Awake (When You’re Totally Exhausted)

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

How To Look Awake (When You’re Totally Exhausted) Source: WeHeartIt

Every gal I know experiences some form of tired, whether it be new mommy sleep deprivation, a 60 hour work week, or a booze-induced hangover. (Hey, no judgment on the last one as that would be the kettle calling the pot black…or is it the other way around?) And although in may be commonplace in the average girl’s overloaded, nonstop life, tired ain’t pretty. So what’s a girl to do when she looks as exhausted as she feels? Fake it! With these four tricks, you’ll be able to pull off that wide-eyed, rested look no matter how pooped you are:

Calm it down. Use a skin-calming moisturizer such as Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer to help manage tired, irritated skin. Its calming complex will reduce redness and blotchiness, so the only thing showing signs of irritation will be you when someone takes the last cup of coffee without brewing a fresh pot!

Don’t be heavy handed. When we’re tired we tend to pile on a lot of makeup in hopes of masking our exhaustion. Don’t do it! Heavy makeup actually accentuates our tiredness. Less is definitely more when it comes to applying makeup on a sleep-deprived face! Go with the bare basics and use sheer versions (such as M.A.C Sheer Lose powder) if possible.

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How To Look Awake (When You’re Totally Exhausted)

Are there any tips or tricks for looking awake and refreshed you swear by, CCC readers? Share ‘em!

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