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How to Locate Dog Friendly Hotels

By David13676 @dogspired

It is really important to travel as an entire family from time to time and this does include the dog. The good news is that there are many pet owners that love dogs and that want to travel with them. Because of this, many different dog friendly hotels appeared on the market. The problem is that traveling is a challenge and you need to be sure that you find locations that are actually dog friendly. This is not as easy as you may believe. Here are some tips to help you locate such establishments.

Dog Hotel

Checking Amenities

There are different amenities that are offered by hotels and these are listed almost always on the official website. As you take a look at the different hotels that you can consider, you can find dog friendly hotels by simple analyzing what amenities are advertised. Besides different amenities like pools or Wi-Fi internet, some may talk exactly about features that are intended to make the dog feel better.

Contact Hotels Directly

Sometimes hotels are not labeled as dog friendly, like the dog friendly hotels by My Pawson, but will allow you to stay with your pet. Asking the hotel directly is an option that you can consider if there is a particular hotel that you really liked staying at in the past. Talk with the booking agent of the hotel or directly with the hotel and see if you will be accompanied together with the dog. There are different hotels out there but some will not tell you exactly that they are dog friendly, even if they allow staying with dogs. You have nothing to lose by asking so make sure that you do so.

Using Online Searches

The internet is filled with numerous resources that you can use in order to find those hotels that are dog friendly. There are actually even website directories that will offer lists of hotels that allow you to take the dog with you and stay there based on geographic location. You can also take a look at the state tourism departments as they may have lists of hotels that are pet friendly in the state. You can even find some pet out guides offered by travel services.

Make sure that you consider the guides offered by travel agencies since they can offer even more information about how to find really great dog friendly hotels based on where you are about to travel to.

Always Review Policies

Simply because a hotel is labeled as being dog friendly does not mean you can stay there or that you will be happy there. Review all policies so you are sure what to expect. Policies can vary greatly from one site to the next.

On the whole, everything boils down to your research. Besides finding pet friendly hotels, make sure that you also learn everything about travelling with dogs. You might not know many things that are really important. For instance, you need to know that you have to take enough pet food with you. That is something that many forget and it is one of the various things that can be forgotten.

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