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How to Kid-Proof Your Fabric

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
I have been building my banquette, and deciding on a fabric for the seat cushion was a dilemma.  Problem is I have REAL messy eaters. Every dining chair I own has been reupholstered several times, and Scotch Guard is no match against Joe.  He is a non-stop messy eater: How to Kid-Proof your Fabric
I wanted something kid friendly and in the reddish orange family.  I headed down the vinyl and oilcloth road and nothing struck my fancy.   Then I discovered I could laminate my own fabric using Therm O Web Iron-On Vinyl.   It comes in gloss and matte finishes.  I wanted the matte, but I am impatient and couldn't wait a week for delivery.  The gloss is stocked in most craft stores, and because I'm a need it now kind of gal I was at Joanne Fabrics that same day.  
So here is all you need to know about laminating your fabric.
1- The vinyl comes in 17" wide strips.  Bummed at first, but then I realized its totally all good because it would be a bit of a nightmare to maneuver if it was larger.  I broke out my ironing board, but that was useless. How to Kid-Proof your Fabric
2- You need a big ass surface to laminate. I used my dining from table.   First roll out a length to match your fabric and cut.
How to Kid-Proof your Fabric
 3-Now peel off the backing in sections and stick the clear vinyl to your fabric.  This gets tricky if you are doing a large piece like I was. How to Kid-Proof your Fabric  I used a magazine to smooth it as I went. How to Kid-Proof your Fabric I had to cut a second strip to cover the whole piece.  I overlapped the vinyl about a 1/4" to make sure it would be covered. (The vinyl actually melted into itself and I can barely notice the seam).
Lay the paper backing back over the whole thing and iron away...  (8 seconds on medium heat).
How to Kid-Proof your Fabric  Peel the paper off and you are done.  Fancy vinyl people (if vinyl can even be fancy)... How to Kid-Proof your Fabric
 I then re-used 2 old shelves from my basement to make the bench seat out of.  I am cheap resourceful. I used mending plates to hold them together... How to Kid-Proof your Fabric  I put the fabric face down, laid a piece of foam on top, and then the board... How to Kid-Proof your Fabric  and stapled away... How to Kid-Proof your Fabric Bench seat done!
How to Kid-Proof your Fabric And Joe can be as messy as he'd like.  How to Kid-Proof your Fabric
I am almost done with the banquette, need to add doors to front, will have pictures soon. Hope you have a great weekend!

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