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How to Keep Your Relationship Happy

By Killmenow @lbigfoot

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How to Keep Your Relationship Happy

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After a year or so of marriage you may experience some changes within the marriage. These changes are perfectly normal and happen to every couple but the key to holding onto your happiness is to deal with any changes in a positive manner. For example, you may feel that your spouse has started to take you for granted or that they have let their manners slip a little. If you allow these things to continue without speaking up then things won’t improve and you will grow bitter and resentful. Here are some of the tips on How to keep your relationship happy that people have shared with me in order to deal with the challenges of holy matrimony.

Date Nights

Many couples end up falling into a rut once they’ve been married for a while and they stop going out socially together. This can be caused by financial problems or lack of motivation. If money is the reason then there’s no problem in creating a romantic night in the house by preparing a cheap meal and then watching a movie together with a bottle of wine. You can give one another a shoulder massage or foot rub and maybe take a bath together to enjoy some quality time together as a couple.

If money is not the issue and you have simply got out of the habit of arranging a date then you can easily break this habit. It simply requires a small amount of effort on both sides. Look at your calendar to see when you’re both free and book some tickets for the theater or the movies or go out to a nice restaurant. Once you have made a reservation for a date, it’s more difficult to find an excuse not to go so it’s vital to book up way in advance. You could perhaps aim to have one date night every two weeks which is something my husband and I actively practice. OK so they’re not to the romance extreme of many marriage proposals but they are still a great way for us to catch up and have fun together. And remember they don’t have to be expensive or exciting as it’s the quality of the time that you spend together that counts.

Try and See your Partner through New Eyes

Once you get comfortable and familiar with each other, it’s all too easy to start taking one another for granted. Many couples find that their other halves start to depend on them to do certain chores in the household such as the laundry, cooking, dry cleaning and shopping. These jobs should be shared equally between the two of you or alternatively you could reach a compromise that suits you both. For example, you could say that you’re happy to do all of the shopping and the laundry if they would do all the cooking and plan the meals.

As newly weds, you’re probably both still on your best behavior and so you never let your guard down. Unfortunately, once you’ve been living in the same house for a year or so, you may find that you’re starting to break wind, curse or belch in front of your spouse more often. Although some couples may be okay with these types of things, it’s important to be aware of your actions as the chances are that your partner will find them upsetting. If you do something by accident, remember to say sorry every single time so that your loved one feels that you’re not taking them for granted.

Remember exactly why you married your husband or wife in the first place and always hold onto these precious emotions so that you always look at your spouse as if they are your new partner. Never stop making the effort to make your lover happy.

Please and thank you

Again, this kind of relates to taking each other for granted but general manners and common courtesy can make or break a relationship. Once you start to expect things rather thank politely asking for them is when trouble can start. When asking your partner to do something such as taking the garbage out, remember to thank him or her and gibe them a small kiss and hug. These small gestures can maintain a healthy status quo in a marriage by displaying your gratitude openly towards your spouse.

If your other half does something without being asked, this is another golden opportunity to let them know just how special that you think they are. If your husband has washed your car or scraped the ice off your windshield for you then give him a great big kiss and tell him how lucky you feel to have him. Likewise if your loving wife fixes your favorite meal, remember to show your appreciation appropriately.

Keeping a relationship happy is not just about saying ‘I love you’ every day. It’s also in the way that you treat each other in your daily lives. Always be mindful of how your loved one is feeling and remember to make allowances when necessary as there will be times when one of you is feeling upset or a little blue for whatever reason. If you are always loving and considerate then your marriage is certainly on the right tracks.

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