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How to Keep Your Dog Happy

By David13676 @dogspired

I will never forget the day my father put a puppy in my lap and said “He is yours. Love him and he will love you back!” I did not fully understand at the time, since I had never had dogs. But after spending time with him, I understood how a dog can love you. It’s your job to love him back and make him happy.

Dogs are loyal and they will do anything to please their owners without asking for something in return. This sort of dedication is what has earned them the phrase “a man’s best friend.” While dogs will do anything for us, we need to make sure that our friends are happy. There are many ways to do this.

Always Give Your Dog Fresh Water

How to Keep Your Dog Happy

Make sure that your dog always has fresh water available. Change it every day and check the supply twice daily. Fresh water is especially necessary for outside dogs during warm summer days.

Choose Only High-Quality Pet Food

You will most likely need to buy different dog food brands until you find something your dog will like. Giving your dog food that gives him or her all the right nutrients is just as important as food is for us. Also remember that it is important for dogs to be a good weight, so monitor that as well.

Provide Clean Bedding and Suitable Shelter

Dogs love to have a place of their own. Keep their area clean at all times. Choose a high-quality dog bed like those offered by ZeiPet, and if you have an outdoor dog, do all that you can to keep him protected from the elements.

Exercise Your Dog

Both people and dogs need exercise. Dogs are happy running and walking. Take all the time necessary to give your dog a good workout. Read about the breed and give your dog as much exercise as you need to keep him happy.

Play with Your Dog

A dog is a pack animal and is happiest around other people or dogs. Including him in the family and playing with him is another way to keep him happy. Try to play with your dog every day, even if you are tired or your dog needs more play than you can give.

Visit Your Vet

Take your dog for a checkup at least once a year. If your dog doesn’t appear to feel well, it might be that he is suffering from something you’re not aware of. If you haven’t taken your dog to the vet since he was a puppy, it’s time to choose a vet you like and trust.

Give Your Dog a Purpose

You are the pack leader. Give your dog a sense of purpose by training him to do things that are useful to you, and he will feel  useful as well. Dogs don’t like to feel bored, so make sure your dog is entertained with a job of his own.

These are just some of the things you can do to keep your dog a happy companion. Of course, there are more!

Written by Laura O. Tolentino, who grew up in a family with many dogs and other animals. She has dedicated her life to the comfort and well being of all dogs.

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