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How To Keep Christ In Christmas

By Ldsapologetics
On and around Christmas Day in 1914 the soldiers of all sides declared a truce and played soccer or poker as well as exchanging gifts. They prayed together, they embraced each other. They were true to the Prince of Peace on the celebration marking His birth.
The sounds of war fell quiet and the sounds of celebration and goodwill toward men rose higher and higher.
No one died that day but many truly lived if only for one day.
If it can be done on one special day can't it be done everyday. If soldiers can bring the gears of war to a grinding halt for a single day can't our current wars be stopped just as effectively?
A young man wanted to see how a homeless man would spend $100.00 so he gave a homeless man $100.00 and followed him around.
His first stop was to a liquor store. And just as the young man thought the homeless man was about to get drunk he found him handing out food he'd bought at that liquor store to people he didn't even know. When poor people have the ability to help others they tend to.
When Jesus said that we will always have the poor among us, I wonder if He meant that our place as His disciples, is to live among the poor and minister to them. Just as He did throughout His life and ministry.
We can put the Christ back in Christmas by creating cease fires and making peace in the name of the Prince of Peace. We can serve others when the opportunity presents itself or we can seek out opportunity and make the most of it.
Christmas is about giving in a humble way and receiving graciously.
It's about serving others as Christ would have. It's about spreading and sharing Christlike love. It's about making sure no one feels left behind or forgotten.
Christmas is about more than our individual families, it's about all of us as the human family. We are all connected which is why we can't hurt others without hurting ourselves. And doing those things is how we can keep Christ in Christmas.
How To Keep Christ In Christmas

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