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How to Join Cibc Partner Rewards Program in Canada

Posted on the 24 October 2018 by Martins97

The cibc partner rewards plan is a recognition and rewards program offered by the company's referral programs to show gratitude for their continuous support and appreciation in assisting clients live in their dream home.

How to partake in cibc partner rewards Plan in Canada

You too can partake in this awesome program in 3 simple steps: Register.... Refer.... Redeem Your Rewards.

    Register with cibc reward program

Before your registration can be approved on cibc partnerships, you will need to be first connected to a Mobile Mortgage Advisor. If you do not have one, you need not worry as the website will simply connect you with one. A Mobile Mortgage Advisor will review with you the various advantages of working with CIBC, including how you can work collectively to grow your business into a bigger one.

Once this is successful, you are ready to move to the next phase: Register with CIBC Referral Rewards Plan. Register Now

    Refer your clients to a CIBC Mobile Mortgage Advisor

Cibc rewards Mobile Mortgage Advisor will make it certain that your referred clients receive excellent customer service, which will positively draw more customers to you. Once the client's mortgage funds, you will be rewarded with points per each referral.

Note: Points are awarded based on the mortgage size. This presents you with the opportunity to earn even more points, leading to better and bigger awards.

How to Join Cibc Partner Rewards Program in Canada

The cibc rewards plan presents you with the most convenient options for redemption. Flexible redemptions options include: a wide online catalogue from which you can pick a reward and a personal redemption service called "My Rewards".

Should you not find any likeable thing from the online catalogue, not to worry. They offer you the ability to buy whatever you truly want from any Canadian retailer and they will reimburse you part or all of the cost of the reward, depending on the number of points you have available.

CIBC Referral rewards Terms Explained

Note: These offerings are subject to certain conditions.

Below are the benefits of CIBC rewards for partners and terms:

For every $10,000 of qualified funded mortgage- You earn 750 points. So, the bigger the mortgage, the larger the points you will earn. With rewards starting as low as 2,124 points, the opportunity to earn bigger rewards you desire has been made available.

    Online Catalogue - Over 700 exciting rewards available to you

Cibc referral program offers a unique online catalogue from which you can choose different rewards, including vacation or flights packages to a list of travel destinations, variety of brand-name merchandise, a wide selection of gift cards in different denominations, exciting experiences, and many more. The catalogue is frequently updated so ensure you check back for special offers and exciting new additions.

    My Rewards - A Personal Redemption Experience

Cibc Partner rewards offers some of the highest reward flexibility I have ever seen. If you do not find what you like through the site online catalogue, you will most certainly be excited about "My Rewards". This awesome personal redemption service gives you the flexibility to buy whatever you want from any Canadian retailer and be reimbursed part or all of the cost through your available program points. It's that easy! The cibc reward program offers endless opportunities. Get exactly what you want!

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