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How to Install a Soft-Close Toilet Seat

By Livinghouse @livinghousecouk

Installation of a soft close toilet seat may appear difficult at first; but if you follow our video guide, you’ll find it’s quite a simple process.

This installation guide is based on our Nouveau White Toilet, but the process is much the same for any toilet and soft close seat.

– Out of the box, the seat is already set-up with the hinges in the correct position. There’s usually tape over the hinges to hold this position, so do not remove the tape yet.

– Loosen the grub screws on the hinges to allow the seat to easily slot onto the base pegs.

– Push the expanding pegs into the holes on the toilet.

– Position the seat onto the base pegs.

– Use the seat to make sure the position of the pegs is correct.

– Tighten the screws on the bases to expand the pegs into their holes and hold them in place. Don’t fully tighten yet as you may need to adjust slightly.

– Tighten the grub screws on the seat to hold the hinges in place.

– Test the seat by allowing it to soft-close.

– Once closed, check the seat and lid are all aligned with the toilet pan.

– If not correctly aligned, move the seat into the correct position.

– Once the position is correct, fully tighten the pegs into place.

– Check there are no gaps between the hinge and the seat, or the pegs and the toilet pan.

– Loosen the hinges from the pegs again and remove the seat.

– Place the covers over the base pegs.

– Replace the seat and tighten the hinges.

– Please note the soft-close hinge movement may be tight on first few uses but will ease into normal soft close over time.

– Never force the seat down as you risk damaging the soft close mechanism.

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