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How to Increase Traffic from Reddit?

Posted on the 22 June 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Reddit Marketing

That’s what you need in order to make money blogging. If your blog doesn’t pull off enough traffic, you will struggle to pay your bills. Fortunately, traffic sources are infinite. If you dedicate time to learn current SEO trends, you can attract organic traffic, which has the highest conversion rate. And, you can work on paid traffic or referral sources to get a decent amount of page views as well.

So today, I am up with a feast for those who look forward to improving their traffic through reddit marketing.

How to Increase Traffic from Reddit?

Have you heard of Reddit marketing? If you are new to blogging, I afraid you haven’t. Well, Reddit is a type of social bookmarking sites where users can share links and text posts.

Why should You Share on Reddit?

Maybe Reddit marketing is new to you. But for 36 million people (as of 23/06/2015), it is a network to spread and grab knowledge. Don’t you think it’s worth your time now?

Being started back in 2005, the growth of Reddit as a social bookmarking site was tremendous. They got 36 million people with 231 million monthly unique visits within ten years.

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In this post on Statista, they revealed that the exponential growth of Reddit has been continuing with an increment of about 20 billion page views per year.

Things to Know before You Kick Start Reddit Marketing

You must know the Reddit business idea terminology before jumping into the promotion stuff.


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If you check the right side of every share, you can see two arrows (up and down). The top-headed arrow is used to show the interest of users towards a particular post. That’s what we call Upvote (just as Like on FB).


On contrary to upvote, you can show your dislike towards a share (if it’s spammy or irrelevant) using the down-headed arrow and when you do the same, it is said you downvoted.


Every social bookmarking site contains categories into which you need to post links or posts. Categories in Reddit marketing are called as Subreddits. If you misplace your links in unrelated categories, you may be toasted by other users.

Stealth Ban

If you keep on doing spammy activities and getting a lot of downvotes, you will be banned from using the network. Sometimes, Reddit bans you without any notification. And the fun fact is you can still use the site. But your updates will not be shown to the public.


Karma is like points that you get for each upvote you earn from other users. The lesser the Karma, the greater your chances of being on the blacklist.

How to Increase Traffic from Reddit?

So, now you are going to read the core of this article.

Signing Up for Reddit

First, you need to have an account on Reddit. So visit and there you will see Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Click on sign up there.

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You will be then brought to a page where you have to insert a username, password (twice) and your email address. Don’t forget your username because you must need it when you sign in.

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Look out in your inbox to see an email from Reddit to verify your email address. Just click on the confirm link. You will need to enter the password here as well.

Share Others’ Content

Unlike any other sharing platform, you will not be benefitted from sharing your contents all the day. You need to open your eyes towards others’ articles as well. So, you have to find useful and exciting articles not written by you.

The aim here is to earn Karmas. You will get it as you will not be self-promoting.

Don’t Spam

While you promote content, it is necessary not to look like a spammer. Hence, you have to read the subreddit rule carefully and follow the same. Don’t dare to spam as Reddit has a responsive filter to kick away unrelated stuff.

Just share one link a day.

After sharing, you can use the New tab on the subreddit to see your link live.

Earn more Karma

As our aim is to increase Karma, you have to find interesting content and share the same on relevant subreddits. Adding funny or provoking titles will inevitably increase the upvotes. And, your Karma will be increased too.

 Share Your Content

Once in a while, you can share your content as well. Some subreddits don’t allow self-promotion. That’s why you need to read the guidelines first.

If you share at the right time on the right subreddit, chances are you will get more upvotes and apparently, you will make it to the front page. Once your content is featured on front page, nothing can stop the traffic.

Engage with Other Redditors

You can comment or upvote on other Redditors updates to show you are an active user and not a shameless self-promoter.

And, you can follow other people on Reddit as well.

Post Text Content Once in a While

Along with links, you can submit text posts as well. Here, you write the content real-time into the given filed on Reddit. Everything else remains the same. You give a title, choose subreddit and publish. That’s all.

Wrapping Up

Here we are, at the end of this post. I hope you have grabbed something useful from here. If you have been pulling off traffic from Reddit since long, let me know your tactics.

And, those who are yet to unveil the potential of social bookmarking should follow this guide to do the same.

Reddit is growing day by day with more users and daily page view. So, you will not regret the time spent on it after a few weeks. It will not be hard to gain traffic when you figure out how everything can be done.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your social media fella and help them unleash one of the best traffic sources.

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