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How to Increase the Growth of the Flower KOK

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

How to increase the growth of the flower KOK

The aim of all flower fans is making a big push Kok flower. This is because the size of the head of the flower is the most important quality factor and sometimes worth. As KOK flower is easier to increase as soon as you follow these basic steps.

KOK gene

The gene KOK flower is the only factor that determines whether the head will become larger. Without this factor, there is nothing you can do to improve the size of your Kok. Therefore, the best way here if Louhan determined.For the youth of choice, choose one that already has potential. professional fans are familiar about. If you are a beginner with this interest, worry no more, because eventually you unique way to improve your skills.

Do not expect that because man has a big frontal hump, buying it will. It is advisable, the extra money and take the time to find a better place to spend the Louhan youth face obstacles later.

For example, the fish has already begun to show that some increase Kok, must take into account these better things to improve.

Water quality

Water quality plays an important role in the development of COCs. State water affects the welfare of your health. KOK growth is stable and fast when the fish in the correct state. So you have to develop and maintain a water change daily schedule. In fact, according to many experts, it is best to make a partial water change of 30% at least once a week. For those who have enough high-filtration system, two or three times a month, since clean the filter on a daily basis.

The feeding routine

Feeding the fish food with sufficient Flower also an important role in the development of plays KOK heads. Feed your little fish with a big range is also the reason why poor water quality. Therefore as possible to feed the fish with the right size of the palette.

tank size

How to increase the growth of the flower KOKsuitable container selection is important to increase growth KOK. A 30 gallon tank, the amount of water required if a child cares 2-3 inches. a fish in a single tank wastewater offers the opportunity to develop fish control of their region.
Dominance is a feature that tends to help grow the humps of the neck. A large number of fans has proposed the use of a tank of 50 gallons normal. For older people, the appropriate size of 80 gallons or more.


The lighting of the aquarium is the most important in the production of AOC growth factor. For the best light for your aquarium choice that is appropriate for your flower, the color and intensity are the important things to consider.

Food Quality

right food to increase with the growth KOK, is also essential. For minors, the food should have a protein content of 35%.

How to increase growth KOK is easy if you follow these essential factors.

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