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How to Increase Page Rank – 15 Tips

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

As a link analysis algorithm, Page Rank is vividly used by all the search engines to correlate the significance of their database links. Enhancing your page rank can be made really easy and straight-forward. This post tells you how to increase page rank.

Calculating your Page Rank

The number of links on your site forms the foundation of how your Page Rank gets calculated with essential algorithms used by the search engines. The links on which the calculation of your Page Rank gets based are Inbound links, Back links, External links, Internal links, Do-Follow links and No-Follow links. Many Page Ranking sites as well as those on Google, assign page ranks to websites after analyzing these links.

How to increase Page Rank

This is the tips one uses to boost their Google rankings.

1. Content high on Quality

Increase in your Page Ranking is directly proportional to the quality of content which keeps your readers engrossed, and the amount of content they share with their friends. Browsing through certain tips would help you in keeping your readers engrossed. Without having high quality content, your post cannot possibly render enhanced interactive attribute, the feature which every website or blog post predominantly desires.

2. Submitting your site

Generating high quality Backlinks surely can increase your Page Rank. The optimal mode of creating high standard backlinks is to have your website appropriately submitted or placed on several web and article directories. For instance, certain recommended Article and web directories are – Yahoo directory, DMOZ, Article Base, Ezine, Go Articles and Best of the Web.

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3. Guest Posts

Recognized as the most popular and vividly used tool to create enhanced Page Ranks, Guest Posting can be done in various ways. While many Blogs have options of having you guest post on their blog, the idea of receiving backlinks in return is productive for you only if the page on which you have posted enjoys a good Page Rank Blog in tandem with a Niche similar to your blog.

4. Link Exchange:

Link Exchange is the oldest of techniques which can still be adopted to render you a good Page Rank. By using this technique, not only can you optimize your Page Rank site functionality in linking them to your site, but you can also generate adequate traffic from such exchange sites.

5. Updating is one of the key points to enhance Page Ranks

Google appreciates websites which incorporate fresh and unique content. If you increase your postings, you will experience Google crawling onto your site with a good possibility of you attaining a higher page rank.

6. Making Comments On Other Blogs

Commenting is a very critical to uplift the interactive attribute of any site or blog. As such, it is also one of the direct parameters which could render you a good Page Rank. In the community of Blogging, you ought to be socially transparent. In blogs that are Do-Follow, by putting forth comments on their posts, you could get backlinks. With CommentLuv Plugin installed on many of the blogging sites nowadays, a link gets automatically posted to the last blog post where your comment ends.

7. Social Bookmarking:

Nowadays, by mode of sharing your Site on various Social platforms, you could receive a free Backlink which would render you enhance your Page Rank. The backlink can also create good amount of Traffic for site. Social Bookmarking through Facebook, twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, Hub Pages, Squidoo, and of course – Google Plus are said to be the most effective for increasing your Page Rankings.

8. Website Accessibility:

You ought to keep your Website working and accessible or else you may risk a possible reduction in Page Rank from Google.

9. Most Searched Keywords:

If you know the keywords mostly used by people or most popular in context to your content, then you could implement them in your content so as to automatically increase your page Rank as well as creation of new traffic.

10. Website Advertising:

Designing an Ad or making a lucrative banner for your website can aid you in availing good back links and also better traffic generation.

11. Creation of Multiple Pages:

Multiple Page creation on your website will have your internal linking strengthened, which would certainly induce better page rank

12. Forum Participation

Forums are adored by Google, and those which are updated frequently receive backlinks. Backlinks would translate your website’s ability by Page Rank increase.

13. Signatures

You can add online signatures in your links. For instance, adding signatures in your blog posts and also emails can render you enhanced Page Rank. However, stay away from spamming or else you might face the threat of being blocked and banned for life.

14. Google’s Re-Evaluation of Page Rank

Google re-evaluates Page Rank at least 4 times every year. This means that in every 3-4 months Google calculates the strength of your Page rank.

15. Refrain from the use of Illegal Tactics:

Illegal tactics should be best avoided or else you would surely face the threat of getting banned from Google. Recently, Google has adopted stringent guidelines to track down any usage of illegal tactics due to which many sites have suffered a ban from it.  Using legitimate tactics to generate traffic is the only way out for rendering higher Page Rank as well as pour in good revenues for your site.

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