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How to Hand-Build Customer Messages for Sales Growth

Posted on the 02 November 2012 by Softscribeinc @SoftscribeInc

How to Hand-Build Customer Messages for Sales GrowthIt is relatively easy to distribute, measure and analyze, with marketing automation tools, any content you create. We like Marketo to get it done.

Messaging that increases sales, however, must be hand-built. We like a combination of

How to Hand-Build Customer Messages for Sales Growth

, Adele Revella’s buyer persona method, accented with Jaynie L. Smith’s competitive advantage approach, to get it done.  Both thought leaders simplify and systematize an effective messaging process.

Your sales messages to prospects and customers must be like a firm, trusted handshake. Or a warm handshake. Or a friendly clasp.  Effective sales messaging must look them in the eyes and say, “I know you well.”

Our buyer persona mentor and colleague, Adele, said it best in a recent email:

  “So what’s changed? While it was always important
  to know the audience before we created a story,
  today’s audiences are overwhelmed with content, and
  far less forgiving of companies that skip this step.” – A. Revella

You may have experienced this.

Buyer Persona Sales Messaging

How to Hand-Build Customer Messages for Sales Growth

Our company, and especially our clients, benefit  – first – from Adele’s free eBook, The Buyer Persona Manifesto. Then we invested in her company-wide workshops to learn her method for effective sales messaging. We and our clients continue to benefit from her “With You All the Way” promise and close association.

Adele’s process includes step-by-step templates and detailed instructions – down to the 3 best times each day to reach a win/loss prospect at his desk – to accurately populate Adele’s Five Rings of Insight™. These address: 1. What made the prospects start looking for a solution? What was their Priority Initiative?  2. What do Success Factors look like to them?  3. What are the Perceived Barriers? 4. What is the Buying Process? Who else is consulted?  and 5. What is the Decision Criteria? What feature, function or benefit made your prospect pull the trigger?

Click here to see succinct, fresh, customer-centric sales messaging we produce using Adele’s method.  These are rolled out for our clients in ads, videos, booth verbiage, press releases and more.  They boost revenue 20% to 25%.

Competitive Advantages

How to Hand-Build Customer Messages for Sales Growth
First we create a core sales message, and secondary messages, for a client using Adele’s approach. We then secure action by prospects by adding competitive advantages to our content.  According to Jaynie L. Smith, a competitive advantage must be:

  • Quantifiable and detailed.
  • Sustainable.
  • Something competitors cannot claim.
  • Helpful to the buyer in making an educated decision. Tell the buyer something they do not know.

Softscribe Inc.’s current competitive advantages are:

  • Softscribe Inc. solidifies a company’s brand awareness and increases annual sales 20% to 25% or more.
  • Softscribe Inc. generates the right messages for your audiences 100% of the time. This is essential to closing sales. We create and leverage time saving, effective, streamlined processes.
  •  Softscribe Inc. staff members average 18 years’ industry depth, and experience in branding, marketing and PR.

Other examples of competitive advantages we created for clients include:

  • [Company’s] market share in the hotel/casino vertical exceeds competitors’ by 400%.
  • [Company’s] expertise in complete UHF RFID system integration delivers a 100% control of linen inventory.
  • [Company] produces and supports 100% of its system and product development in-house. This allows InvoTech to be twice as responsive to system enhancement requests compared to outsourcing and industry norms.
  • [Company] leverages 20 years of technology innovation, proven methodologies and earned industry depth.

Check our Jaynie Smiths two books, Creating Competitive Advantage and Relevant Selling for a “how-to” process.

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