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How to Get Smooth Hair

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

I got a comment on the weekend from one of my lovely readers asking about my hair and how it gets so smooth, so I thought I’d share a few pics and a video on how I do my hair as it doesn’t start out quite so nice!  Excuse the terrible bathroom lighting!


How to Get Smooth Hair

Wet hair - some air drying

So this is what it looks like after I’ve washed it – before I dry – my hair is kinky, not straight, not curly, and tends to go frizzy if I don’t dry it.


How to Get Smooth Hair

after blow dry and straightening irons

And here it is after I’ve blow dried it, then also run the straightening irons over it – you can see I still have a bit of frizz on the top.


How to Get Smooth Hair

nice and smooth after application of Moroccan Oil

And then I smooth some Moroccan oil (about 1/2 of a 1 cent piece, just a tiny dot does it)  over it to smooth down the frizz.

And here is a short video of my blow dry technique – called the head wrap technique that my hairdresser (Mick from Biba in Doncaster) taught me.

Now my hair is fairly fine, though as it’s greying it’s getting coarser.  Because it is fine and shorter, I have to wash and dry it every day as otherwise it looks limp and greasy the second day.

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