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How To Get Readers To Comment On Your Blog

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


How To Get Readers To Comment On Your Blog


Have you a call to action in the posts that you write? Do you even know what a call to action is?

A call to action is a must for every blog post you write, that is if you want your readers to do something other than close the page and move on to the next thing they are doing.

I have found the best call of action to be within the post itself, words that readers can relate too, that they want to share or they need to voice their own opinion too.

A call to action is just that, you are asking your reader to do something.

What is it you want your readers to do? Leave a comment? Share on Facebook or Retweet for you? Is it their opinion or experience you are hoping they will reveal in a comment? Then make it easy for them and ask them.

You can ask readers to share your post and provide social network share buttons to make it easy to do.

You can finish your post by writing a question to your readers. Do they agree with your thoughts? Ask them to leave a comment to let you know.

By using a call to action, you are opening up your post to comments and shares. You are including your readers in your post and they can personally become involved.

Give it a try and watch those comments start flooding in.

Will you be using a call to action on the next post you write? Leave me a comment to let me know. (A call to action where you now feel compelled to reply to me – so go on leave a comment)

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