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How to Get More Veggies from Your Garden

By Chelseajmartin
How to Get More Veggies from Your Garden:

Tips for Using Garden Space Efficiently

1. Interplant Compatible Crops
This can be as simple as sowing some mesclun when you plant your tomato transplants. By the time the tomato plants are filling the space, you’ll have gotten several mesclun harvests from the bed already. You could also plant herbs, such as basil and oregano, near your tomatoes, and make better use of your space while gaining some of the benefits of companion planting; basil planted near tomatoes is said to improve the flavor of the tomatoes.

2. Succession Plant for Continual Harvests
Certain vegetables, such as lettuce, carrots, corn, radishes, and peas, mature fairly quickly. If you sow a new row or pot of these veggies every week or two, you’ll ensure a regular harvest throughout the growing season, rather than having a ton of stuff ready to harvest at once, then nothing after that.

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