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How to Get Certified for Laser Hair Removal– 4 Easy Steps to Getting the Necessary Certification

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

A Laser Hair Removal (LHR) career is one of the most lucrative professionsthat has gained immense popularity over the last decade. According to the most recent statistics, more than one million people sought Laser Hair Removal treatments in the UK last year alone. On average, each clientele pays between £150 and £500 per session depending on the type of laser and the area to be treated. And each successful session takes between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.

Due to the profitable nature of this industry, more and more people are looking to get certified for Laser Hair Removal in order to start their own businesses. The Laser Hair Removalcertification is proof that you've been trained to use aesthetic equipment precisely and securely.And even if you aren't ready to start your own cosmetic laser business, this certification allows you to work in medical spas, physicianoffices, dermatology clinics, laser centres, and other related healthcare facilities.

To get started in this lucrative career, each state requires that one must be trained, certified, and have some degree of supervision from a qualified physician. Let's learn some crucial steps on how to get certified for Laser Hair Removal.

Getting Certified for Laser Hair Removal - A Step-By-Step Guide

    Understand the Regulations of Your State

Anyone who is aspiring to become a Laser Hair Removal technician must get to know their state requirements and meet them wholly. The Laser Hair Removal industry isn't governed by any federal laws, so each state has put in place its own protocols.

To be enrol in a laser training programme and get certified in theEaling West London area, for example, you must be a GED or high school diploma holder. These regulations vary depending on where you plan to practice, though, so it's important that you get up-to-date information from your state's medical board or health department.

2. Choose and Enrol in a Laser Training Centre

Zeroing in on the best laser training school can be a daunting endeavour because there are several laser schools out there. When choosing the best laser training centre, you need to factor in the school's reputation and accreditation. It's not wise to put the school's location above all else, for you may end up finding the nearest institution with poor training facilities.

At the Ealing Laser Training Centre in West London,we offer hands-on training on Laser Hair Removal at affordable prices. We also offer clinic training to equip our leaners with first-hand experience with the necessary laser equipment. Our Ealing academy provides a full schedule of courses including:

  • NVQ Beauty Level 2, 3, &4
  • Level 4 Advanced Courses in IPL & Laser Hair Removal
  • Advanced Electrolysis for Skin Blemish Removal, Chemical Peels, and Slimming Treatments

We use our very own medical spa located in close proximity to our campus to train our students the essential practical techniques on real clientele. Each of our learners gets fast track 5 day courses that furnish them with hands-on experience with all Laser Hair Removal practices, alongside a complete portfolio at the end of the course.

3. Get Familiar with Everything There Is to Know About LHR

A Laser Hair Removal training school should teach you everything you need to know about this novel treatment. At our Ealing Laser Training Centre, you'll learn all the basics of LHR, such as the Fitzpatrick scale and wavelength settings, laser safety training and cooling systems, skin and tissue interactions, pre- and post-care, and all the latest laser techniques you should be accustomed with.

We prefer to take small class sizes so that every learner can be comfortable in the classroom throughout the training. With smaller class sizes, it becomes easier for our instructors to give each individual the attention they deserve, as well as provide the best environment and tools to facilitate a successful Laser Hair Removal training.

4. Become Certified & Practice with Hands-On Training

Practicing Laser Hair Removal technicians must be registered and state-certified before applying for a job. There are two professional bodies responsible for issuing the national certification on qualified individuals. These include the International Aesthetics & Laser Association (IALA) and the National Council on Laser Certification (NCLC). To qualify for Laser Hair Removal certification, applicants must:

  • Be aged 18 years and above
  • Have completed at least 16 hours of Laser Hair Removal coursework and documented safety
  • Pass a 100-question proctored test on hair removal procedures and laser safety
  • Submit 20 or more case reports for real treatments on clientele carried out under a physician's oversight

Candidates will be immediately issued with their Laser Hair Removal certification once they've met these simple requirements. The good news is that at our Ealing Laser Training Centre, we'll take you through all the technical steps to make your work easier.

We partner with our sister company, the Laser Hair Removal Ealing, to impart our students with hands-on training in our luxury spa facility comprising state-of-the-art equipment. Enroll now and get to learn from qualified medical professionals who will help you become an industry expert in the Laser Hair Removal field. And keep in mind that we're offering a few slots at a time, so the earlier you apply, the better!

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