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How to Get Backlinks – The Essential Guide

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Googma20 @googlai

What is link building?How to Get Backlinks – The Essential GuideLink building is the process of earning quality link to your site for boost search engine ranking and its visibility. It is endless process to build a site search engine friendly. Link building is essential task for search engine marketing. It helps to generate massive traffics and increase search engine visibility. Therefore, one website should be voted from other sit. For example, if your site 'A" links to other site 'B', then Site 'A" will get credibility which searching result on search engines. Links from authority sites to your sites assist to boost your sites' quality and will drive massive traffic instantly.
Important of Link building:Link building is most important task to your SEO strategy, because of the major search engines use link popularity as a metric to measure the quality of your site. As much as quality link to your site coming from authority sites means they are voting to your site. It means your site getting link popularity and search engine visibility.What is quality Backlink?Quality backlinks are back bones of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Backlink building is your major task. But it is not full and final for SEO. Therefore, there is something more than backlink building. You keep one thing in your mind that only quality and natural link on page are effective to optimize your sites. So that you have to focus for natural backlink building rather than spam links. How to Get Backlinks – The Essential GuideYou have to make a time plan for back link building strategy; it may take long time but natural backlinks ways are suitable to optimize your on-page and also increase Search Engine page ranking. Most of the web site publishers and blogger think that link building is full and final for SEO. It is the major mistake, because, how many link should need to your site in certain time?  If you build thousands of link overnight then your sit will be penalized and if you have low quality links as well as few links then your site will not optimize properly. Therefore, you have to take better action to build link to your site. You should not forget that backlink building is never ending process and time and again you should use your brain to gain high quality links to your site. One of the worse things in backlink building is buying low quality links. It is worse things because it ruins the whole process of site and decreases the link popularity among other competitors and penalize by Google robots. A Backlink building is not overnight process and builds thousands of links. Although you can build many back link from natural ways which take little bit more time but gives effective results.Right way to backlink building:You have to hire well recognized SEO Company and it will be more comfortable to optimizing your site instantly. And they will help to build quality link through natural ways. But do not believe to every SEO companies; because there are some fraud companies build low quality link from link farm and other software or buying links. They also use to automate tools to generate links and boost your site in instantly. It is harmful for future marketing. Because you will see now that your site is ranking and getting well visitors but in future, your site will be penalize by Google robots and other search engines and will get very low traffics and your site will become a spammer. It means, you will lose the all the SEO power from your site and your efforts will be useless.What should to do? : There are some reputable SEO Service providers and you can believe on their services. They can optimize your site from natural way and boost site's page rank as well as traffics rate also. Therefore, you can choose a best SEO companies and give them SEO outsourcing task. Because you may not have enough time to optimize your site by yourself and may not have adequate SEO knowledge. It may take long time (moths, years) to optimize your site and top ranking in search engines. Optimize your site by yourself:You can optimize your site or blog yourself but required adequate SEO knowledge and you can also learn SEO ideas and will be able to build natural links to your sites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) will be helpful to optimize your site's whole body and top ranking in top search engines. It is important that your site or blog should be index on top ranking. Because, there is 90 percent web traffics coming from search engine referrals. It is the cheapest ways to drive tons of traffics and sustainable way to keep your site in top ranking. Why should optimize your site?·  Increase your Brand loyalty and search engine visibility·  Enlarge direct traffic from Search engine, and directories.·  Promote  and sell goods & services·  pick up your Competitive Edge·  Save time and reduce marketing costs·  Expand Niche  Base and target Audience·  Boost referrals traffics and public visibility·  improve sales, repeat business service  and customer loyalty·  Building customer's belief and  defend your customers privacy·  Help to expansion of local market to global market.

I have listed some natural way to back link building strategy to your site. If you replicate these ideas properly, you site will be optimize quickly and will get chance to indexing top of the search engines.

1.   Article marketing (Article Submission Directory)2.   Directories submission3.   Social Media ( Social Networking and Bookmarking sites) interaction and sharing4.   Community forum posting5.   Leave comment on DoFollow blogs6.   Press release submission7.   Keyword Research (use long-tail keyword and most searchable key words)8.   Writing quality contents.9.   Create newsletters10.Create templates, applications, plugin, software, widgets, e-book, tutorial, video etc.These all tricks are helpful to build natural and high quality backlinks to your site but you have to take better action to complete each and every trick. If you failed to apply the rule at the right way then your site may be penalize. Thus, be careful while building links. Make a periodic plan and test every way to backlinks building on the base of step by step. You can use other options to build quality backlinks:1.   Use professional language and edit mistake 2.   Write website or and product review and testimonial 3.   Guest blogging (write for other blogger)4.   Never forget to leave top comment5.    Create newsletter and RSS feeds 6.   Use social bar or plugin 7.   Take little time to engage in community forums and share your ideas with your site's links, if it is possible. 8.   Submit your site on local search engines and directories9.   Create Google map and

Write quality content:Your content must be high quality and it should include professional resources. Because content is sources of knowledge and it is also king to your sites. Therefore, try to write research base data including testimonial, key findings, and professional ideas. Quality content is always working better for references links. Readers also bookmark and share quality content link in social media and will get links popularity. Create testimonial and E-book:You can create tutorial and e-book to share your ideas.  People love to read tutorial resources and storage it for long time purpose. It work for reference purpose and will create link to your site. People also use your resources in forum and other sites as sources with your links. It means that, huge natural links come from high quality sites.
Reviews and Testimonial:You can write reviews of website, product and services. You can also write a testimonial for the purpose to assure your performance. When you post reviews and testimonial article to your sites then you will get chances to link up with product or service owner's sites. Your article will track back with the product or service owner's site and will get many natural links.
Use Professional Language:While writing article, you must use professional terminologies and explore the professional skills. Your writing skills should be fluent and confidential. There may be common mistake on grammatical as well as spelling also; therefore, you have to edit this part quickly, before publishing on site. We know that every blogger are not professional writer but professional language get the first priority on search engines ranking. You may lose this enormous opportunity by doing common mistake. So that, try to improve your writing skills. You should have language command and should understand the sentence speaks. I know it cannot improve overnight, but possible to improve by hard practices.
Create templates, widgets, mobile application, video, e-book, and social bar:
This is the nice way to building huge backlinks to your site. But you should have specific professional ideas to create these tools and you should have technical knowledge also. These techniques help to boost web site traffic and backlinks to your site through including your site's link in these tools. Once you designed a good-looking templates and share with other people and people may love to install on their sites and you will get links from their sites. You can create e-book and share free of cost, people love to read your ideas the follow you on near future. Video creation also helps to promote your site and building links. Just develop a video and share it on YouTube. Do not forget to add your URL link on video. When people watched your video and they find your link and enter to your sites. You can also create new widget and plugin. After creating widget and plugin then share it to other blogger.
On-page optimization:On-page optimization refers all about going by each content to your site and incorporating your SEO friendly allow to search engine spiders to crawl and index each page to your site. Meta tag, Meta description, Meta keywords, H1 tags, URL structures, Image tags, XML site map etc. are major task to on-page optimize your site.  Your on-page SEO must be tight. Be aware from black hat and spam links connection. You should optimize your on-page and protect from spam and farm links. You should check out the broken links also. You can also create in bound link to your post. While writing content; includes your past article link with anchor text. Your SEO plan a dream but not imagine to full fill your dream at overnight. Do not hurry to get top rank quickly. Be patient and work hard to fight with other blogger.
Get link from high PR site:You can get link in a home page of PR 8 or PR 9  You have to spend some time to search high PageRank site like PR 7PR 8PR 9 and you can found the donation section on such page. You can donate $1 and ask for list to your site.
How to determine the quality Link?
There are several ways to determine the value of link which I mention as below;
Age of the Site:Link come from older (basically two or more years) sites is more trusted by the search engines.
PageRank (PR): Link incoming from high PR sites (PR 6 - PR 10) are highly trusted by search engines. To determine the PR 10 is highest rank and PR 0 is lowest rank. Therefore, try to get link from high PR sites. Because of link from high PR site are more worthy and increase the link popularity.

You can use the Google Toolbar or ChromeFans PageRank checker to get all information about your site as well as other site. You will get the accurate and real time information about the site. Google update the site Rank every 3-4 months and you can optimize your site getting information from Google Tool bar, Google Keyword tools, Google, web master tools, Google analytic etc.

No of Page Indexing: if you found a site which has huge page index in Google; it means that the site has been running from long time. You can get information that how many pages index in Google by using Google Tool bar or chrome Fans PageRanks checker plugin to your Chrome Browse. You will get following information by using this tool:

Page Rank Google Index

Alexa Rank Yahoo! Index

Competitor Rank Facebook like Baidu Index

Google Plus Bing Index

Twitter follow Alexa popularity Rank

Google backlink Bing backlinks

On-page optimization information Yandex index

Page Loading time Who is information

No of Incoming Link: it means how many sites links to your sites link to your sites. It is essential to know who is linking to the domain that you are testing for authority. Use Yahoo! explorer or backlink watch to get quick information which is easiest way. You can you use Google alert service by sign up your Google account. Traffic Rate: to determine the quality of site, you should not forget to know the traffic rate of the site. You can use Google trends for websites; compete Rank, Quantcast, Alexa Traffic Rank to know how much traffic getting the site. High traffic generating site are trusted and has high link popularity.
How to Know Good or Bad Links?Good Links: link coming from highly authority and reputable sites are good links. If your site links to .govs, .edu, .orgs domain then it will get more credibility. .govs - Link from government (.govs) sites are highly reputable and your site will get quick reward. It's really hard to get link from .gov domain..edus- link from education (.edu) sites are also authority link and known as good links. .edus links are valuable. .orgs – link coming from organizational (.org) domain are authoritative links.
Links come from relevant or niche site: if your links coming from niche or relevant site then that are call as good links. Relevant link work to rank your site and will boost site's strengthen capacity.Link with anchor text: if your links include your keywords and getting from high PR sites then your site will get quick ranking.
Bad Links: Bad links are those links which ruins your site's ranking. Links from spamming, link farm, and blog spam are less worthy and known as bad links. That link support to hurt your sites search engines visibility. If Google robot found your link to bad sites then your site will be penalize. Therefore you have to analyze your link by using Google Webmaster Tools and ignore the bad links. Types of Bad links:-   Link farms -   Bad neighborhoods (bad joint ventures)-   Blog spam ( link coming from spam comments)-   Automated links ( links from software tool)-   Swang links ( links from link generator machine) -   Buy linksLink Building Tools
1. Mozilla2. Tools SEO Book3. Opensite Explorer 4. MagestiSEO5. Wordtracker 6. Hubpost7. Scribeseo8. Advance Web ranking  
In conclusion, Backlink is inward link to your site. This is significant feature to get well rank on top search engines. It is hard to get backlinks from other website particularly when you develop new sites. So that, if you would like to get top rank on search engines and get indexed instantly. You must generate relevant or your niche backlinks to your site. Search Engines and directories will give additional credit to any sites that have a huge number of natural backlinks, and deliberate those sites further relevant and widespread than others for a search question in their answer pages.

Appropriate and quality (natural) backlinks according to your keyword or niche is healthier than a spams backlink. Quality links helps to generate the organic traffics to your website. You have to be clear on the niche while doing exchange with site that not related to your niche marketing. If you site is about make money, link exchange should with make money.

You can Download a Free Book: How to Get Back-links - A Essential Guide 

How to Get Backlinks – The Essential Guide
How to Get Backlinks – The Essential Guide

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