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15 Best Free Infographic Generators Tools

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Googma20 @googlai

Infographics refers to the visual graphic representation of data, information and knowledge. An infographics can cover more information than blog content. It covers the actual data status, images, video, files, story, pie diagram, data visualization etc. Readers can take more time to get more information from your post. We know that a picture has thousands words and an infographics design can visualized the knowledge. You can create Infographics with different images, load videos, share on social media. An image cannot affect much more in SEO because Search Engines cannot read the images but your target audience can increase.

Creating Infographics is one of the most important parts of SEO and it helps to your SEO campaign. It also assist generate unique visitors and people get more ideas from your post. It may solve the page loading probelm because audiences do not want to wait more time to see you page and they may skip your page. However, using infographics to your page your web page quickly open and audience get the overall clues through visualize pictures.   An infographics consist with image, pie chart, diagram, maps, videos, designs, symbols and files, including social media sharing plug-in. it is simple ideas to create a visualize post. You do not need to hire professional graphic designers to design your logo, pictures or Infographics design. You can create varieties of Infographics yourself. There are many Infographics tools and can easily design an attractive infographics. An attractive Infographics may drive viral traffics to your site.
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Important of Infograpichcs to your Blog

An image is an act of communication. Images play an important role in the presentation of ideas. Worth more than a thousand words, the encapsulate meaning by both simplifying and embodying conceptual theories. They are not only high quality content for interested readership but also the can be useful promotional tools for anyone interested in gaining more attention.A visualize image play crucial role for presentation of ideas. High quality content to your blog with infographics presentation get more readers and useful for promotional campaign. Any one reader gets more attention to your visualized contents. Infographics are research base visualized representation with data analysis, videos, images, files etc.

Reasons behind Infographics

  • It delivers information visually – Infographics give people visual information which helps to understand by just seeing it rather than going through written content.
  • Infographics convey visualized representation and easily understand the whole content by seeing an image.
  • It generates the viral traffics to your post.
  • It creates your product or services high quality brand
Artist and historians, academician and scientists have been creating graphics to enhanced communicative difficult information since centuries ago. However, in this modern age, it has become easy due to the advancement of technology and its massive uses.

Importance of Infographics in SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for every websites or webmasters to promote their website or internet marketing. You have to improve your SEO strategy by suing visualized data presentations. You have to understand the values and performance of Infographics. Why you should begin implement SEO procedures on your dream site. You will get enormous opportunity to promote your site by using a simple SEO tricks. Every data, videos, images and files visualized on the brain of your readers and they will return back repeatedly.

Tips for designing Infographics

  • Crate simple pictures. Do not use too many images
  • Use appropriate color scheme.
  • Do research and use research base data analysis
  • Make it easy and present quick understandable images and texts.
  • Write conclusions about your presentation.
  • Give reference your details in the infographics.
  • Add your URL
  • Create interactive infographics
  • Create infographics map
  • Create infographics tutorial
Infographics visualize more eyeballs on your significant information, more readers rallying for your cause, more backlinks and more readers to your website. An attractive infographic done fine could be what your website needs.What should you inculdes:Timelines, Flow charts, Annovated maps, Venn diagrams, Size comparisons, showing familiar objectives or values, files, videos, your url addres and conclusion.

15 Best Infographic Generators Tools:

I have listed 15 inforgraphics creators tools to create attractive visualization and you can take benefits by using these tools at free of cost.

1. Piktochart

5. Tableau


7. Balsamiq

9. TimelineJS




 14.Stat Planet

15.Many Eyes

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