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How To Get A Girlfriend (For Real)

By Stoffbyrd
How To Get A Girlfriend (For Real)
You've got it all wrong. You want somebody to love you. But people only want to be with people who already love themselves. Those lucky few who would like someone to love them, but don' t really need it. Women want some of that shine to rub off on them.
You can't sit around waiting for somebody to love you before you finally start loving yourself. That is why all of your relationships will ultimately fail. Love yourself first, and then you can go out and let a a woman enjoy being around a man like you. Let her self-esteem get a boost for landing such a  prize. When it comes to relationships you are sharing a gift, not looking to get one.
This whole system of consumerism is all predicated on getting someone to love you. The products, the clothes, the gossip, the new gadgets and iphones. Maybe one day when we are good looking enough, or have cool friends or lots of money, somebody will notice and love me.  You can stop playing this game right now and love yourself. Then let a woman aspire to be with you, instead of the other way around.
You could have all the looks and money in the world, but if you don't love yourself you have absolutely nothing to offer a woman. People are mesmerized by people who like themselves. Even the 350-pound woman on the daytime talk show who says "I'm big and I'm beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have me".  Self-love is so fascinating, people just have to have it. They want to be around it.They will want to be around you.
[I figured the first thing guys would ask is how can you love yourself. It seems so vague, like saying- just be confident bro. But loving yourself is really just accepting yourself. When you like yourself you have at least 1 person in your corner in life. Most people have zero. And all you need is one. Everyone could tell you that you suck, but as long as you are your biggest fan - it doesn't matter. The reason people want a girlfriend or boyfriend is because they need at least one person to accept them. It makes all the other pain go away. Your whole life could be going to hell - but you still have her. And you wonder why guys are so needy for "that one". I'm just saying make that one person yourself, not a girl. Yourself needs you. It is counting in you. It needs someone strong to say - fuck this shit - I like myself.] 
I don't know what your deal is. Maybe mommy and daddy didn't hug you enough. Maybe you just want to please other people instead of yourself. Well most times if you didn't get love from someone in your life (an ex- girlfriend, your parents, friends) it's probably because they didn't truly love themselves, not because of anything you did. People who love themselves have lots of love to give. The unconditional kind.
Only hang out with friends who like themselves. Only date women with high self-esteem. Be good to yourself. Everything else in life is complete bullshit and a waste of time. No matter what you do or how much you buy - you will be like that hamster on a wheel, running in place. Love.
Of course before she becomes your girlfriend you are going to need to learn how to seduce her. And there is no better or easier way than doing => this one simple thing

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