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How To Fold The Longest-Flying Paper Airplanes

Posted on the 11 May 2012 by Gerard @presurfer
How To Fold The Longest-Flying Paper Airplanesimage credit
There are lots of way to learn first-hand the principles of flight, but most of them require years of studying or a pilot's license. There is, however, an exception: folding paper airplanes. Da Vinci did it, as did the Wright Brothers and Jack Northrop.
Popular Science enlisted two master paper-plane folders, Takuo Toda (current Guinness record holder for the longest timed paper aircraft flight of 27.9 seconds) and Ken Blackburn (a former record holder and engineer at Florida's Eglin Air Force Base), to show us their best cracks at making a long-flying plane out of a sheet of super-light magazine paper.The Presurfer

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