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How to Find & Optimize Most Valuable Pages (MVPs)

Posted on the 18 October 2021 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo

As the name suggests, MVPs are the most valuable pages of a website. These pages have maximum business impact. You must learn how to find and optimize MVPs?

Whether you have an old blog or a new website, each site has some MVPs and pages with maximum optimization opportunities.

It is necessary to work on pages with maximum potential.

The easiest way is to put your attention to the most valuable pages.

You should maintain a balance between time spent on new pages and maintaining the status of proven pages.

Today, you will learn the process of finding and optimizing MPVs in the most effective ways.
MPVs are the most valuable pages or sections of your website.

What are the "Most Valuable Pages" MVPs?

There are chances that you do not have any MPV page on your website.

Here are the most common examples of MPV pages for non-ecommerce sites:

You can use a content gap analysis strategy to identify potential MPVs.

Homepage, about us, contact us, location pages etc., are still work as MPVs for eCommerce sites. But ecommerce sites often put more focus on revenue-driven pages, categories and sub-categories.

How to Decide Which MVPs are Important?

Ensure that MPVs are related to your business objective. It is not necessary that your most popular pages can always be MPVs if they are not driving enough traffic.

If you do not know anything about MPVs, you should start with the current reporting system and measure growth in your business.
Once you understand your metrics, it will be easy to identify potential pages and priority pages. You can consider clicks, search volume, CTR, and impressions.

Most value pages are different from revenue pages for brand exposure.

Use a broader approach for the metrics that will impact your decisions.

How to find Most Valuable Pages?

Google Analytics will also help you measure post-click data such as bounce rate, website events, purchases, traffic, etc.

Your optimization strategy must match the objective of your business.

Many online SEO tools will help you measure the potential of new MPVs.

How to Optimize Most Valuable Pages?

Optimization impact the outcome.

Consistently observe the performance of marketing channels and review them with your smart objectives.

There are many other elements that you can include on the homepage:
Use a proactive approach to optimize MPVs.

Examples of MPV Optimization for HomePage:

The homepage is always the most valuable page as it has destination links to other important pages.

You can use the homepage for:


Most valuable pages are important for spreading brand awareness, content distribution, link building, SEO and marketing.

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