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How to Feel at Home { Whilst Not at Home }

By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

Maison Assouline, Culture Vulture candleHow to feel at home, whilst not being at home – a concept familiar to us all at some point or another in life. For me, this is especially prevalent whilst staying in London and as you  all know, I love my home comforts and enjoy having a home life. So, these are just a couple of things I have found which I like to do in my new surrounds.  Beauty I love to make a beauty routine and set up all my various cleansers, moisturisers, make-up and make-up brushes in a nice organised (ish) manner. Usually as well, this involves a couple of new purchases too, a new home needs new things, don’t you agree? Which included this Chanel May nail varnish, as well as my Weleda Almond soothing facial oil. I bought this when I visited the new (back then “new”) Chanel Make-Up store in Burlington, they do do things very nicely there. As a side note, I was reading this blog post the other day and I found it interesting what Sophie wrote about a certain website which struck a chord with me. I completely agree with what S writes about the internet, and what a wonderful place it can be (including ...

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