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How To Enjoy Even The Shittiest Days

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell
How To Enjoy Even The Shittiest Days
Message Someone Special All Day Long: I love doing this. It doesn't have to be someone you're dating, although those are the best kinds of message marathons; it can be your best mate or a blogger you share a kinship with, or even someone you just met on a dating app. Some of the best conversations I've ever had were with complete strangers who I turned to in seriously hard times. Whether it's a comforting "xx" from your beloved every now and again to get you through a hard day at work, or a soul-baring session with someone you'll never meet, talking (or texting) almost always helps.
Get Ready To Go Out, Even If You're Staying Home: It's very hard to feel like a heavenly creature when you're wearing a ratty dressing gown with peanut butter stains down the front and sporting unwashed hair and sore eyes from staring at your phone screen for 125 hours straight. You've got to put down the packet of carbs, get out of bed, and turn up for yourself. I find it really therapeutic and energising to sit in front of my little dressing table mirror and do my make-up, hair, my nails, or whatever needs doing, even if I'm just going to go straight back to my laptop afterwards.
Sweat It Out: When I'm really stressed, sometimes I just cannot "calm down". It would be a futile endeavour to sit somewhere fidgeting, playing relaxing music, attempting to meditate, and just getting more and more frustrated. So I put on some techno on my headphones, something that really reflects my state of mind, and I dance or go for a run until I can't move any more. It's impossible to not feel at least a little bit better afterwards.
Do Something For Your Autobiography: What would you do if you had more emotional distance? If you didn't have to worry about the consequences? Try doing something, anything, not for what it will lead to or because it's a good idea, but because you want to tell the story of it one day. Some of the most exciting things I've ever done, I did because I was bored, and wanted a new story to tell. On a really bad day, when you're struggling to see the point of anything, take a step outside yourself, and picture your body as the main character in a crazy book you're reading. What would you like her to do next? 

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