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How to Edit a Previously Made Request in Charles Proxy

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs

Need help using Charles? Software Engineer Swaraj Banerjee comes to the rescue in the second installment in our Charles Web Debugging Proxy series. In this video, Swaraj shows us how to edit a previously made web request.

Continue your Charles education with this clip on how to examine the different components of a web request.


Hi, my name is Swaraj and this is the second installment in my series on Charles Web Debugging Proxy. Here is how to edit a previously made web request:

So here we made a request to our entities endpoint. And as I can see here in the request we actually passed these 2 query parameters. One was a token and one was a parameter called limit. Lets see if we can change the limit to something else. To do that we just click the request on the left side, right click it, click edit, go to the query string area and then we can go ahead and edit. Let’s make the limit five. Hit execute. Now we can actually see that our response only has five entries. This can be really useful for making changes to your requests and verifying that different parts of your API actually work.

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