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How To Decorate Your Lawn This Halloween?

Posted on the 28 October 2019 by Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

How To Decorate Your Lawn This Halloween?
Halloween is knocking at the door. It is, in fact, that time of the year where you can be creepy and creative. So, why don’t you use your crafty skills and make one-of-a-kind decorations to decorate the lawn of your house in Perth? Here are some spooky ideas for you.

Old Crunchy Fall Leaves
Whether your lawn is made up with artificial grass or a real one, have it covered with old crunchy fall leaves. Don’t rake up the leaves. Let them be there for Halloween.

Ghost Leaf Bag
If you have already spent much of your time raking up the old crunchy fall leaves that have fallen from the large trees on your lawn, rather than putting them in a garbage bag, have fun with them. Stuff some bags with these leaves and make ghosts out of these bags and scatter them across the yard. If you use white bags, you can do black eyes to give a ghostly feeling. However, if you use black garbage bags, you can make yellow eyes and do black cats. Tell your kids that more leaves they would rake, more ghosts would they have for their lawn.

Glowing Faces
Nothing looks fun and spooky as glowing faces staring at you on Halloween night. Carve out the pumpkins and create horror-ific faces. Use glow sticks, candles and other lights to make the horror-ific smiling faces look more interesting. Place them in dark areas to create a unique illusion and bring out an eerie in the yard.

Fake Spider Webs
Cover up your trees and bushes with fake cobwebs. These spider web decors are fun and inexpensive. It would be a bonus if you stick some spiders or other creepy crawling critters on to them. Also, get a few plastic spider rings and attach them for completing the look. Adding a stuffed raven or owl to the hanging branches can make the atmosphere look eerier.

You can have ghosts floating about. For this, you will need to have some helium balloons and cover them up using a white cloth. You can also make a ring of ghosts for your Halloween decoration and have them play in the yard. These ghosts can be made with materials like old sheets, marker, metal poles and foam mannequin heads.

So, make your house spooky and extra fun by decorating your lawn. Halloween is, after all, a multi-billion dollar holiday season, which includes candies, costumes, drinks, foods & decorations – don’t miss this opportunity of enjoying it!

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