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How to Decorate with Old Wood

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

How to decorate with old woodwood waste is one of the warmest materials can be used to decorate, but after the purchase of furniture you like, how to make sure it fits with the rest of the room? Use this style guide to ensure that your home is elegant, chic, and electricity, and use your wood, saved the best of their abilities. They fall in love on a bed made of wood in Los Angeles or furniture are not able to live, you'll love the rustic elegance of its new space.

Start with the basics
When building the appearance of a room well together, you want to start with the basics. What can you live without? Is there a part of the space to build? In a room, for example, you want to build the space around the bed usually What you part in love with her, which is the center of the room, and keep this space in mind when the rest of the room to choose.

Build the perfect look with pieces

After selection of the wood to the room with the perfect look of recycled, it's time to get the rest of the furniture. Do not select songs that fit well: it is going to look bad taste instead of class. Hunting in individual pieces that fit a similar theme, but have their own vision of the characters. For example, buy a bed of scrap wood in bright colors, a small rustic table in white distressed can complement each other very well.

Search dressers, tables, chairs and other items to meet your needs. If you can not find in a store, the Internet can be a good choice. If you still can not find what you want, it does bike or renewal of an old piece of furniture. This way you get exactly what you want, and your furniture will be more than one copy of the story.

with light

Once important discoveries show, provide most of them with lights. Use the large, open to accentuate mirrors in strategic places, ceiling lamps and projectors certain parts of the room windows.
Natural light can give your room a perfect shine, so to keep in mind when the window covering. Mirror location where windows can reflect light in the rest of the room to maximize natural light. For your roof, not only cheap light bulbs and fixtures that are often standard in the room - an upgrade to something bright, brilliant and empathetic. Your room can be transformed with some new lamps.
If you really want your new furniture emphasize the lights have to bring certain parts of care in these areas. Play to find angles and brightness, which works best in your environment.

To this is added a little color

Once you have the basics, add a little color - if you have some spare bold statement or a few subtle color washes want to choose carefully. Too many bright colors can change quickly so fresh, so demanding decorations. Curtains or blinds, carpets, bedding and wall art, all in the overall look of your room, is added so choose your favorite With them the time and designed in several parts in order. For your quilt, you can make a bold statement, or a very classic look, go with white, then add more bright decorative pillows.

As for the decor, it is not an emergency, and the right parts worth waiting. A wooden bed in Los Angeles actually gained incredible investment, and can use the room of your dreams begins with a statement create pieces.

Interior Design and Decoration Lighting Tips

For tips bathroom lighting will actually be able to test several magazines and websites update. You can buy a lot of interesting and creative concepts, with many lighting consultancy. store home design, lighting can really offer a link that is very useful for power, especially if you really do not intend also a bathroom facelift.

a lamp lights up the whole room a necessity. You also need task lighting in the kitchen sink and the great part of the figure. If the table is in the kitchen, a device fell on the table, it is suitable. Use a dimmer light in this way you will be able to mood are very regular. trace lighting will be able to run on an island or butcher block bar is handy.

Much of the lighting in a room really light reflected by a surface contributed. Footamberts (FL) that measure the amount of light reflected from a surface. If you really want, very technical (FL = FC x% reflection) to buy. For example, if 100 FC achieve a wall or table, 40% covered with a reflective surface, then reflect from the surface 40FL.

The kitchen is a place where bright, functional lighting is a must. Under cabinet lights are also providing a good choice, good visibility for food preparation; The lack of lighting in this area can also increase the risk of injury when cutting food. Consider lights above cabinets installed to provide soft lighting in the ceiling area are available - which is also the work or pieces contrast details like ceiling paint colors and wall to mark a good way or strips. Excellent head chandelier or ceiling light, makes requests for general lighting of the room. If you have a kitchen counter or PC, including a functional desk lamp.

How to decorate with old woodLighting can be as simple as a desk lamp or lamp side table. This type of lighting is used regularly to read, but is also very useful for other projects that require the ability to determine the details. It is strongly recommended that each seat for one room has its own task lighting recommended but not always possible. Place lamps on the nightstands and tables finishing; You can also place a sofa table behind the sofa and a lamp there because good place. floor lamps are a good alternative and may also include behind the chairs, which are angled in a corner. Finally, recessed lighting is able to give more light where other options are available.

The author strongly recommends maintaining a lighting products interior design for your needs. For more information on this topic, try Decoration Newsletter funnel pointers trend.

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