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How to Decorate Apartment Walls Without Painting

By Irisinteriors @IrisHoulihan

Today we have a guest post from BRE Properties. BRE Properties develops, acquires, and manages apartment communities from San Diego to Seattle. Enjoy:

Don’t you just love the white, uniform walls in most rental properties? Top to bottom – room to room – nothing but white . . . or maybe eggshell. Either way, most apartments for rent do not have stylish colors on the walls, and to make matters worse, many landlords won’t allow you to paint either. If you can’t or just don’t want to paint the walls in your apartment, there’s still plenty you can do to spice up the place.

Choosing Wall Décor

Vintage gallery wall

Photo via Dishfunctional Design.

Of course, if you aren’t allowed to paint you may not be able to hang pictures either. Double check your lease or ask your landlord. Different rental properties have different rules. Usually it’s not a big deal as long as you are willing to spackle over the nail holes before you move out or you’re willing to sacrifice some of your security deposit (choose the first option). Assuming you can put a few nails in the wall, it will be easy to decorate with some fun wall décor. You don’t have to spend a lot, either. Visit local garage sales or look online. There are always inexpensive pieces of artwork, posters and other wall décor for sale at rock bottom prices.

Wall Stickers

Giraffe wall decal

Photo via Mywonderfulwalls.com.

Forget the nails and check out the options for wall stickers. These will probably have to be purchased new, but they are inexpensive as well and can often be found at places like Target, Ross, and even Big Lots. Choose from sports logos, pretty flowers, or abstract designs. The best part is that when it’s time to move out or if you just get sick of it, you can carefully peel it off the wall. No holes to patch. You can even save the stickers if you want to move them to your new place by sticking them to wax paper.

Fabric “Wallpaper” and Collages

DIY removable wallpaper

Photo via Fine Composition.

If you’re particularly artsy, you may be willing to tackle a fabric wallpaper project. Just pick up some fun fabric and attach it to the wall with double-sided tape or small nails. This works best on smaller wall spaces. Decorate it even more by adding pictures or other items to create a wall collage. It will add a splash of your unique style and personalize the room.

Just because you live in rental properties doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring and drab. Make sure you know what your landlord will allow and then let your imagination run wild.

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