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How to Deal with Dog's Menstruation

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
I have already provided you with some basic information about dog's menstrual cycle yesterday. I guess I have to share how to deal with your dog during her menstrual period. Now they tend to get messy around if you don't take care of them. This tips might give you some idea how to deal with it. :)
  • If your dog is bleeding heavily, purchase a dog diaper or  pants. If your on a tight budget and don't have any money to buy some diaper, you can make use of a man's underwear on her. Put the underwear backwards and put the dog's  tail out through the fly or cut a little hole, enough for her tail to fit. Then put a menstrual pad or pantyliner inside the underpants.
  • If she refuses to wear underpants, put her in one room with a floor that is easy to clean. Use baby gate to close her on a room when she is bleeding the heaviest.
  • Stay close to your dog whenever she is outside. Male dogs can smell a female dog in heat and will tend to have intercourse with her, even if they have to climb or dig under a fence. 
  • Take your dog outside more frequently during her menstrual period. This will allow her for more frequent urination.
  • Take note of your dog's first menstrual day, in that way you can expect her next menstrual cycle and be ready for it.
I hope this few tips can help you deal with your dog during her menstruation. :) Thanks for reading!

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