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How to Create SEO Supportive Content to Increase Google Traffic

By Itzmealie @ideasonclick

Content is the key of your success if you have a blog or a website which provides the information about different topics. I will share my experience and research about this secret here today which can help you to increase your Google search traffic and Google rank of your website.

Most important thing you should always remember is, “never copy content from other websites”. You must know the value of quality content.

Genuine or unique content:

Your original content is secret of organic traffic from search engines on your website. If content written by you or any professional writer is genuine and unique, this content will boost up your website traffic and rank.

If you can write, it’s perfect, otherwise hire any professional writer to generate the quality content for you. Remember your content and description of a topic should be unique. Information can be found on different websites but your way of writing and explanation should be distinctive.

Avoid canned content:

Don’t hire companies which provide the same content to different clients. There are many companies which are providing the content to different business websites, but as they find a new client of same field, these companies don’t create new content, they start publishing the old content to new client’s website, which is totally crap. So avoid pre-written content and always check the content if it is fresh and unique or not. This type of content is known as canned content which acts as enemy for your website and Google does not like it.

Carbon copy content:

It is a type of content in which users simply copy and paste the content from different websites to their website. This is harmful for your website and Google rankings. It’s like stealing something, so shun it. Google system is very smart, you can’t run away from it, sooner or later your will be identified and you will have to pay for this.

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