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How to Create Amazing Stitched Online Panorama from D800 Shots

By Artborghi @artborghi


Click on post pictures first and on the opened new tab after to zoom and give a look to the several hi-res panorama I shot on Säntis (CH) . Below a few hints:


- use the D800 tilt indicator to get parallel pictures
- fix the focus on the subject (i.e. after focusing switch to M)
- work on A priority with f/7.1 or more to get all in focus


- Quickly downsize your Fx pictures with XnView or similar to 5000px x 3333px (with less than 16 GB ram try as low as 1600px x 1068px) .


- Stitch the resized pictures with Hugin

- Tilt / crop the panorama picture with a photo editor (vertical and horizontal lines in long panoramas can be difficult … find what was corrected in this additional panorama)

- Adjust the HDR toning if you use it like in the first post picture (click it for a larger hi-res view)

- In case no colour adjustment does satisfy you, don’t forget about B&W conversion.


- Load your pictures on

For low-res (fast download) plus pan and zoom views, click on the links below:

The Altmann peak from Säntis
The Churfirsten teeth emerging from the clouds
180° view East from Säntis
270° view with person and correction

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