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How to Control Pests Safely?

By Alexapoblete

For years, we have tried using different kinds of sprays and chemicals to get rid of pests like cockroaches, termites, mice and others in Northern Beaches. But instead of our best efforts, we have failed incessantly. Now we understand that our techniques were not right. There are in fact many better methods and products, which if used rightly can work wonders nowadays.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) have come up as the best means of removing pests like mice, rats, cockroaches and others from residential and commercial properties. It is a common sense approach which denies pests water, food, shelter and the entrance to the property. IPM services use powders and baits like borate powder, traps and gel baits for pest extermination in Northern Beaches.
How to Control Pests Safely?
IPM is undoubtedly safer. It doesn't make use of any harmful pesticides when controlling pests infestations in a property. Avoiding pesticides is very much important nowadays because they contain toxic, long lasting chemicals or lung irritants, which lead to asthma attacks. IPM strategies use pesticides only as required and make use of least hazardous pesticides for controlling the pests.
IPM works quite better. It is in fact better at keeping roaches as well as other kinds of pests away for a long period of time in comparison to using poisons or spraying pesticides. It works by addressing the cause of problem and taking long-term approach for eliminating the pests. Using the pesticides sometimes even cause the pests to build a resistance to the poison. 
What you can do
1. Pay serious attention to where there are pests in the house or office, how they actually enter and how many of them are already there. By watching as well as tracking pests, you will be better able to decide what actions need to be taken.
2. You should also keep a clean living or working environment in order to keep the pests out. Some of the essential things that you need to pay attention to include cleaning up of the food or drink spills immediately, removing clutter like paper or cardboard boxes so that pests have a fewer place to hide, putting food in containers that are tightly sealed, keeping trash in a contained that has a lid and throwing out the trash everyday, fixing plumbing or other water leaks, cracks or crevices.
3. Use the roach baits properly & only when necessary. But make sure to place the baits out of reach of pets and children.
4. If needed, get in touch with a professional who deals with pest control in Northern Beaches by using IPM practices. IPM professionals use different methods for identifying, monitoring and solving the pest problem without making use of too much of pesticides.
How to Control Pests Safely?
R.I.P Pest Management uses IPM practices. If you want, you can get in touch with them for pest control.

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