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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
how to clean your makeup brushesIt is safe to say that most makeup enthusiasts aren't exactly a fan of cleaning their makeup brushes. No matter how blah it is, you cannot undermine the importance of clean makeup brushes for maintaining healthy grooming habits. Also, the joy of putting on makeup with fresh and clean brushes is beyond words! 
Cleaning your makeup brushes need not always be a bummer. Once you have the right tools and cleansing products, the rest of the process is a cakewalk. You might have come across many websites and your friends going gaga over fancy cleaning sprays and shampoos formulated especially for makeup brushes. Well, some of those things really work. But what if some of us don't have them at hand or simply can't get hold of those flamboyant cleansing aids? Do not fret for we have a solution to your dirty makeup brush dilemma! Let's take a look how to clean makeup brushes quickly and easily and make them look as good as new.

What Would You Need?

You will need a few basic things, like water, baby shampoo, paper towel, maybe some olive oil and if possible a silicone glove or a cleaning pad made especially for cleansing the makeup brushes. If you do not find the cleaning pad or glove, you can simply use a plate as a cleansing to clean makeup brushesimg6696_1390667182Oil olive is a great way to clean heavily soiled brushes, especially the ones used for putting on cream-based makeup. Besides, it's a good conditioner for the bristles and keeps them soft. Kick it up a notch and consider sanitizing your brushes with some vinegar as you go.

Getting Started

There is one very important thing to keep in mind while cleaning your makeup brushes. No matter how you do it or what you use, let that metal clasp get wet in the process. The moisture will definitely damage the glue holding the bristles together. Also, the metal clasp will rust. This is why you should never soak your makeup brushes in the sink or in a bowl. Always wash the brushes by holding them in your hand and bristles facing downwards.If you have the cleaning pad, affix it on the base of your sink. It has the suction cups on its underside. If you are using the silicone glove, put it on. Squirt some baby shampoo and olive oil on the cleaning pad or the 'Wash' section of the glove. If you have none of these things, simply squirt some shampoo and olive oil on a plate. Gently swirl the brush in the shampoo and oil mixture till the bristles are covered in it. Use some water to lather up. You will notice the later turn murky from all the makeup coming off from the bristles.silicone glove for cleaning makeup brushesRinse the brushes well under the steady stream of water.  The water from the brush should run clean. You can shape the bristles by using the 'refine' part of the silicone glove. Otherwise, just use your fingers. Dip the bristles in a vinegar solution (Vinegar : Water = 1:2). Squeeze the excess liquid by gently pressing the bristles between your thumb and index finger.

Finishing Off

Pat dry the brushes with a paper towel and set them to dry on a table, preferably with the bristles part off the edge in the air. Do not lay the wet makeup brushes on a towel to dry, else it could trigger the growth of mildew on makeup brushes
Smaller brushes usually dry within a day. The larger foundation brushes may take longer. Do not blow dry your makeup brushes; it's an ideal way to damage the bristles. Lastly, when the makeup brushes finally dry, fluff the bristles a little bit and store them well in the brush holder to clean makeup brushesSo wasn't that easy? Now you can wash your brushes and get perfect results even if you do not have fancy cleansers and sprays!

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