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How to Choose Your Perfume

By Gayatri @LifeEssence2

Every one enjoys nice fragrances. No matter where you are whether in a party or on a vacation, if that fragrance is a perfume then surely we inquire about that perfume to our friends. When you use it on you’ll know if it smells good or not on you. Do you know why? It is because we have all different skins and our skin allows a certain fragrance to come to life. When fragrances blended with our own chemistry it smells amazing ….. So choose unique perfume which suites your personality and skin. Here are some tips how you can choose good perfume
How to Choose Your PerfumeTips for choosing good perfume ·   Make some research on your personal taste in fragrance. Find out what do you like to smell (lemons, vanilla, roses, musk or else).·   Think about fragrances equally as you
think of music: top, middle and base notes. Note that a top note is what you smell first; citrus and light spices are the first smells to fade away.How to Choose Your Perfume·   Concentrate on your favorite smells and ask for it to a good salesperson who will guide you in choosing. Clean linens, tea, grapefruit, citronella candles, vanilla beans, or even rainwater will be hints.·   Apply a scent and wait 10 minutes. Don’t forget to spray on pulse points, where skin is warmest, for best transmission of scent.How to Choose Your Perfume·   Smell the test spot again. Still like it? Chances are you'll like it tomorrow, but keep in mind that as the top and middle notes disappear.·   Ask for a wrapped package when you make your decision.Selection of perfume will depend upon your personality as well as your liking perfume tones from deep, dark and mysterious also for outgoing, light and mostly purchase for romantic. Using perfumes is also depending upon what part of your personality you want to express? When you want to express yours but many times what we would like to bring out that isn’t apparent to others.You can blend two fragrances when both times can be lighter as well as little bit dark.Tips·   Allow fragrance to come out of itself. Do not make hurry.How to Choose Your Perfume·   Change perfume according to season. You need a stronger scent in winter while for summer you may need lighter.·   For perfume shops prefer time of afternoon when sense of smell is at its peak. ·   Dry skin people need to apply fragrance more often than oily skin people. ·   Apply perfume only after taking showered and on complete dried skin.·   For maximum effect apply perfume on your pulse.·   Do not apply perfume overly that will make people uncomfortable around you. ·   Never spray your perfume near pearls or jewelry as perfume can remove their coating.·   Never buy perfume without testing it on your own skin.·   Do not rub once the fragrance apply. Rubbing may change the notes.Remember you may be identified with your fragrance 
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-Priyadarshini Hinge

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