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How to Choose the Right School for Your Child

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Deciding which school, what type of school or even whether or not to homeschool is

an important and often daunting task. Just because a school is a block from your house

doesn’t necessarily make it right. Just because a school is a private, charter or religious

school doesn’t make it perfect. Just because you are scared of the influences your

children might encounter out in the “real world” doesn’t mean you should automatically

choose to homeschool. There are a lot of facts to weight; a lot of things to be considered.

  • Consider You Child’s Needs – Does your child have any special learning

capabilities or difficulties? You’ll want to find a school that can work with your

child to help them succeed – not get lost in the shuffle. Is your child highly skilled

in the arts? Then a school that nurtures these talents might be something to think


  • Schedule a Visit – It is important that you visit the school and that you are able

to ask whatever questions are important to you. Whether you are concerned about

security, academics, special programs, extra-curricular activities, the teachers, or

something else schedule a visit and have a list of questions at hand.

Check the Label – Just because a school is a public, private, or charter school

doesn’t make it perfect for your child. Do you research and make sure it is

accredited, check the numbers and really get to know the school that you are


Know when and how to enroll – You’ll want to know all of the registration and

enrolling deadlines for the schools you are considering. This isn’t too much of an

issue with public schools, though you do want to know those deadlines as well

– but for many private and charter schools it’s fist come first served and if you

aren’t on top of things you just might miss the opportunity to get your child in if

classes are already full.

  • To Homeschool or not to Homeschool – Just because a child is homeschooled

doesn’t mean they won’t interact with their peers or get the proper education.

In some cases children actually work faster and reach educational goals before

children in a structured school environment because they move at their own pace.

There are many homeschool organizations and it is best to contact them and other

parents who homeschool to really decide if it would be right for you and your


Follow Your Instincts – You know your child best and after weighing the

options, going for a visit and really taking the time to learn and consider when is

best for your child, you should be able to make the right decision. There is a lot to

be said for following our instinct and isn’t that honestly the best parenting guide?

This post is contributed b Jianjames. Jian is an active blogger and a follower. She writes various articles on Family improvement and child education. She is one of the active follwer of Kumon. Her last read article is How to become a tutor in Kumon.

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