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How to Choose the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved One

By Yourtribute @yourtribute

There comes a time in life when your loved one ages, and they may not be able to care for themselves anymore. Deciding what the next steps are for their accommodation can be stressful. It is never an easy process to choose which nursing home facility will be the best option for your family. The decision should not be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider when starting your search. Follow these tips to assure you’ve found the right place.

Choosing the Right Location

When exploring nursing home facilities, the location of each one is a top factor. It is essential that you choose a place that is a close proximity to your home to be able to get there if anything happens. If there are no good facilities nearby, perhaps find one that is relatively close to a trusted family member.

According to the nursing home abuse attorneys at Salter Ferguson, one of the fears many family members have regarding nursing homes is the neglect and abuse that often occurs. The Nursing Home Abuse Organization states that about 5,000,000 elders are abused every year. 

With this in mind, it’s best to secure place that is conveniently close to family members to keep close contact with the facility.

Take A Tour

The best way to see which nursing home is the right fit for your family is to take a tour. Compile a list of the best nursing homes in your area and schedule appointments to visit all of them. 

Some important questions to ask during your tours regarding the facility are:

  • How many residents currently live here?
  • What are the visiting hours? Are they flexible?
  • Will residents share a room or have their own?
  • Do residents have the option to choose their roommates?
  • What is the dining room and service like?
  • How is medication managed?
  • What kind of social activities does the facility provide?
  • How many physicians, nurses, and caregivers are on sight?

These are just a few of the general questions that should be asked during the tours. However, your list of questions should ultimately be catered to your loved one’s living preferences, and their physical and mental condition.

Get to Know the Staff

Getting to know the staff of a nursing home facility will give you insight on their work ethic and the overall culture of the nursing home. Ask the staff about their job and what specific roles they have to make the residents lives better. Carefully observe them in all aspects of their job. Most importantly, see how they interact with the residents. 

  • Are they being helpful when residents need them?
  • How many staff members are there on the weekdays and weekends?
  • Does the staff seemed well-trained?
  • Are they providing the top quality care?


It’s no surprise that nursing facilities are often times very expensive. It’s one of the main concerns people have when deciding on an assisted living facility. It’s important to have a budget in mind to avoid picking the wrong place that leaves your long-term plan a short one.

Make sure you account for all expenses a nursing facility has. Keep other options in mind such as looking into Medicaid-certified facilities

Visit Unexpectedly

When you are close to choosing which nursing home facility to sign with, visit again. This time, visit unexpectedly. When you visit without giving them notice, you’ll find out how the nursing home is run, and if the entire staff is truly providing the best care for their residents.


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