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How to Ease the Process of Bidding Farewell to Your Departed Loved Ones?

By Yourtribute @yourtribute

Americans alone bid farewell to around two million people per year. You can either be prepping up for such an eventual fate of your loved ones or it may come up suddenly. Saying goodbye to our loved ones will come into our lives at some point in time.

We are often unsure of how to say goodbye to our departing loved ones when the time arrives. All of us want to make the last few moments count. Once they leave us for good, we all go through grief that continues to hurt us in the days ahead.

Some of you can even hold back your emotions, and a turmoil filled with anger, fear, or confusion sets within you. 

Be With Them

Being with your loved ones is crucial, especially when you know that their end is near. People often give into a sense of anger or denial. Such emotions clouding your judgment can prove to be detrimental in the upcoming days. 

Though you must acknowledge your emotions, an essential aspect is also to show your support to the person in their last days. The person dear to you is going through a rough time. Even they are grappling with a lot of emotions. 

Being there silently without spelling a syllable can also mean and express a lot of emotions. It can make all the difference to the person who is going through such a difficult phase.

Enquire what they need and remind them of your continued presence with them. Fulfilling the dying wishes for their ultimate journey through the funeral process can also mean a lot. This way, you can prepare yourself for the exact necessities, that they would have liked to leave their mortal stature. 

The Love 

Frustration and fear can often overpower the simple emotions that you feel and want to exhibit to your departing loved one. Spend your time reminiscing about the love that you share with them instead of the fear of the eventual reality.

Letting them know that they are in the midst of a company that comprises people who love them dearly can help boost their morale to face the final days. As the situation demands, you may seek or offer forgiveness for any deed of the past. A closure is one of the indispensable aspects of you to grip with the situation after their demise. 

A Memorabilia 

Take a small step to collect the photos from various family members and friends. Add catchy captions to remind them of the fun that you had during the capture of those memories. Focusing and celebrating the positive sides during the last days can help you both cope with the situation.

Seek Help 

It often happens that many people prefer to have a hospice team to support them during their final days. It is okay to seek help. Do not curse or demotivate yourself if you can not do it. Professionals can help your loved ones, and you mollify through the process.

Help can also come from spiritual support counselors and social workers. They can help you learn how to bid goodbye to your loved ones. Such people with experience can help you sail through and seek solutions for your concrete and existential concerns.

The Funeral

Being part of the funeral is one of the last things that you can do for your loved one, whom you have lost recently. Plan the funeral in a way so that all their near and dear ones can take part in it. 

Since they are an outdoor affair, keep note of weather conditions. A good idea can be to check the forecasted weather condition on the day of the funeral on This way, you can avoid any rains or other unforeseen weather conditions. 

Have your close friends and family accompanying you to the funeral to support you through the process.

Adios Amor

The excruciating pain and grief are part of what you can expect after the demise of someone close to you. Identify a spot that is close to them or a place that has your good times’ memories etched. Carry a picture of them and say words that you would want them to hear from you. Such words are better spelled aloud than being pent up inside you. 

Pen It Down

If you have been able to speak your mind, you can try and pen down them too. Write a piece, be it a poem, letter, or a diary entry, for your loved ones. It can help you work on your emotional pain. 

Put the words in a way as if you are talking to them directly. Try to capture all those unsaid words that you were unable to tell them while they were alive. It can help you bid farewell on good terms. 

So, bidding goodbye is tough. You can help your loved ones, who are on their way to their last journey, and yourself by pursuing the above steps. These can help you cope with the grief and avoid any chances of clinical depression that people most often have.


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